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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Adventuring we go!

Saturday morning dawned sunny and clear (and early!) and I set out to pick up my friend Kim. Remember Kim? You've met her hands before here. Kim and I were going on a field trip. We stopped into a Shoppers to pick up the essentials (bottled water, caffeine for the driver, and breakfast) and then hit the road. Kelly at Just Knitting in Carleton Place was happy to see us arrive around 10am, and while Kim fondled all the pretties, I started poking around for a new book. I ended up getting this one from Interweave Press:

I was so excited!!! There are some patterns in this book that simply won't work with my body type (I carry all my excess weight around my hips and butt and lower abdomen), but there are so many that really REALLY will suit me! :) And they're so PRETTY!!! I'm happy. Kim got some yarn and a pattern for herself (a gorgeous eggplant-y purple, can't remember what it was though). For anyone in the area, Kelly is hosting Indigodragonfly's trunk show this coming Saturday, so stop by and say hello! (tell her I sent you!)

We headed back out onto the road and drove.... and drove.... and drove. As we came out the other side of Perth, it started snowing. By the time we hit Kaladar, it was REALLY snowing... um... the day started out like this:

That's the street in front of Kim's - I took this as I waited for her to come downstairs :) Click to make it bigger (I think) - it really was beautiful out. By the time we got to Log Cabin Yarns & Music, it looked like this:

That doesn't look bad, but trust me, on a road with as little traffic as Highway 41, it wasn't pretty. Thankfully, I'm ok with driving in snow, I just drive slower (Rob just choked on his own spit at that one).

Nancy was very happy to see us as well, especially since I don't visit nearly enough. There was a lady there with a chihuahua puppy (17 weeks old and the cutest thing EVER) who was so cuddly and friendly. Kim cuddled, I did not. (and I missed my opportunity to take a picture of the adorable little fella). Did you know that SRK boot sock (the DK sock yarn) was discontinued? Teresa had asked me to pick up a few balls for her, and that's when Nancy dropped that little bombshell.... so I bought it all. I have two balls each of these two colourways available if any of the Ottawa Area Ravellers want some:

The rest all belongs to Teresa, barring the ball Kim bought me (gas money). BWAHAHA. The photo is very accurate, colour-wise. Miss Nancy is having a birthday soon, and will be hosting a birthday party sale on February 11th, for anyone who cares to show up :) (I hope I'm not working so I can go!)

We left Log Cabin and headed back toward home, since it really was quite ugly out. We stopped for lunch in Perth at one of my favorite places to eat:

This lovely little restaurant is located in Code's Mill in downtown Perth and check this out:

The tables are made from the old treadles of the sewing machines from the mill!!! :D As if the place wasn't already awesome enough! We stopped at the little gift shop in the Mill (it's the only place I can find this tea (herbal) which is freaking awesome and from there, we headed home. All in all, it was a great day, and we had a blast.

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