Maine or bust!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Technology has let me down...

I emailed myself all these lovely pics over the weekend so that I could show you all what the big adventure was this weekend. Sadly, it appears that the photos were too large and my work inbox wouldn't accept them. So I have no pictures. In addition, although I finished the Baby Surprise Jacket (just now, on my lunch hour), my camera has an SD card but no cable to transfer the photos, and my office computer has no card reader, only USB ports. *sigh*

I finished Kimery's second mitten, so I now have a completed pair. I finished knitting the BSJ yesterday, but only seamed it up today. Now I have to find perfect buttons, because the jacket really is stunning in its dozens of colours. I am insanely proud of it. Everyone will please ooh and aah appropriately. (If you like, I'll wait until you've seen pictures.)

Of course, being the fantastic planner that I am, I brought absolutely nothing else to work on. *ahem* I guess this means I can get some reading done for school. Yay. (You may imagine that in a Ben Stein-esque monotone). Another way in which I have failed to plan is how I ate over the weekend. I gave myself Friday as a "free" day, forgetting entirely that I was going to spend the day on the road on Saturday... Well done, that. Back to the Beach today, and I've got to get cracking, since Rob will be here in four and a half weeks!

Have you ever had one of those weekends where you try to get a ton of stuff done and at the end of it all, feel as though you've accomplished precisely nothing? Yeah... that's the weekend I just came off of. At least I accomplished having a good time, which you will all see when I have the bloody photos. (Best part? I just bought myself a new flash drive... I could have put the bloody pictures on my 8 GIG flash drive, but no, I had to try to mail myself ten megs of photos... idiot.)

Now I'm going to make myself a cup of tea and hope that the rest of the day continues uneventfully and look forward to my class tonight :) Happy Monday!


  1. I find your lack of a USB key disturbing.

    1. I have one. That's the sad part... I just bought it, and I keep forgetting it's there! That's what I decided to do after the fiasco this morning. (However, yes, I'm admitting that I'm 36 and have never really used a USB key outside of work...)