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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Betrayed by Mohair

I was so proud of the progress I made last night, and how invisible my join between two balls was. I was all set to take a picture with the tape measure to show how much progress I'd made. And then, I spotted this:

That, my friends, is far larger than any of the holes (and there are many) on this shawl are meant to be. That is betrayal, pure and simple. That, dear ones, is a dropped yarn over. ARGH. The blue pretty is in a time-out until Friday evening when I can go to knit night and rely on the confidence and quiet support of my knitty friends before I rip back the *SEVEN ROWS* to fix this. Teresa gave me a brilliant suggestion of using another circ to pick up all the stitches in the row beneath the one I'm ripping back to so that I can then just slide them right back on the needles. Did I mention Teresa's brilliant? I love Teresa!

The Beach is kicking my ass today, and I'm headachy and craving a dozen doughnuts. I did permit myself a 100-calorie Special K Fruit Crisp (20g of carbs, which is comprised of 7g of sugars and 13g starches and 100% stuff I'm not allowed to have on the Beach, but goddammit, I needed a snack that didn't resemble cheese, vegetables or lunch meat). Breakfast and lunch (and late afternoon snack) were all 100% on-plan, and dinner will be as well. And I'll be damned if that Fruit Crisp thing wasn't the tastiest thing I've eaten in a long time. I am ashamed of my dependence on carbs.

Tonight, the goal is to get the kitchen as close to perfect as I can get it (I have tomorrow to finish it off). I'm hoping to get one room done every week, and then maintain it. I also have a ton of school reading to get done. I was remarkably pleased tonight when I managed to find a butter bell (also known as a Breton butter dish - well, it's called "un beurrier Breton" in French...). If you have no idea what I'm talking about, it's one of these:

You fill the "bell" shaped bit in the lid with butter, and then place it on the base. The butter will stay fresh for a few months on the countertop without going rancid. No refrigeration, so it stays spreadable too :) They're awesome little gadgets. I was quite pleased to find one (and it was cheap!). Now I'll have to buy some butter (and not make the mistake of buying unsalted like I did last time).

Yes, I am probably the most random person on the planet. Knitting mishaps, South Beach, and butter bells ;)

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