Maine or bust!

Friday, January 20, 2012

It's Friday... it's Friday... (oh shut up!)

So that means weigh-in day (yay! starting that up again). This morning, I was a bit apprehensive, because I went out for Chinese last night with the kids (sodium what now?) but I was good and only had steamed veggies and a spring roll. Then I had some sesame snax (they're addictive!). But I did drink a ridiculous amount of water yesterday, including a lovely cup of peppermint ginger tea (with lemongrass) later in the evening. I took three Tylenol Ultra before bed and was only a little bit sore this morning. I was, however, awakened by a wicked charlie horse some time around 3am.

Right... weigh in... quit babbling about other stuff, and get to it, woman! So this morning, I stepped on the scale and saw: 276.0 :) South Beach Diet FTW!

It's not a fabulous number, and I'm not super thrilled that I'm travelling over the same road I was going down several months ago, but I'm happy I'm down 4 lbs from Monday, and I'm happy I'm seeing results (even if I'm not, you know, physically seeing results yet - patience, grasshopper).

The fall, however, and resulting soreness last night mean that last night I knitted NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. Not Kimery's second mitten, not the baby blanket or BSJ, not even weaving in ends on Rob's blanket squares.

I'm not really all that ashamed though (but I do love that picture), because tonight is Knit Night! :D Those poor saps at Bridgehead must groan when they see us coming, knitting in hand, to monopolize the middle of the cafe until closing time. But I love them :) I love the atmosphere, I love the company, and I love that I can be me with these ladies. They don't judge, and they don't bite (much) and they're a fantastic group of women (and occasionally men). I'll be bringing Kim's mitten with me, as well as the BSJ and perhaps even a new project (one for ME) if I find something I like on Rav in the meantime :)

Oh, and as for the title? I still haven't heard that song, and I'm kind of glad. From all I've heard, the person who WROTE the song should be shot. As for Ms. Black? Good for her :) She had the guts to do something I've only ever dreamed about. Yes, I sing, but I'm far too timid to do so in front of anyone. My family says I'm good, but they're my family. They have to.

There will be adventures this weekend. Adventures with pictures! I can't wait!

Update... Kimery's mitten currently has a cuff and the first half of the gusset knitted. It's amazing what I can accomplish during the 30 minutes I get for lunch ;) 

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