Maine or bust!

Friday, August 12, 2011

YEAH, BABY!!!!!!!!!!

Check this out! NO!!! Seriously!!!! CHECK IT!!!!!

PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF!!!! (for the record, it was 279.0 without the behemoth camera in my hands LOL). I even weighed myself SIX SEPARATE TIMES to make sure it didn't slide back up over 280. 280, I has broken you!!!! :D

Rob's lucky I didn't call him the second I did this (which, incidentally was at 5:20 when I got up to pee - weigh-in was post-pee, of course, not that you needed to know that). Yes, those are my ugly-ass feet, as evidenced by the gross marks on my left toe from the burns three weeks ago (healing slowly).

*ahem* okay, that's enough excitement. Carry on.


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