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Friday, August 19, 2011

A Quiet Moment...

Friday weigh in: 281.

Do I care? Yes. Am I bummed? Oh yes. Do I feel guilty? heh. Don't even ask. I was raised Catholic.

Am I going to beat myself up about it? No.

I've had a hell of a week, what with my dad entering the hospital on Monday, continual financial crap causing me heartburn, generally feeling sad and headachy, and yeah, I made some poor food choices based on emotion-based laziness. I also came in to work TWICE with baked goods sitting on my desk (one day was leftover cake Isabella had left behind, and this morning, Judy's daughter had sent in some AMAZING cupcakes, one of which is currently residing in my thighs).

I'll fix it. No really, I will. Right now though, I'm just a bit too tired and worn out. I miss Rob and my head hurts, and I just really need a hug.

Did you know that the average person requires three hugs a day in order to be content? I think the last time I had a hug was last Friday. I am very much looking forward to seeing my girls at knitting tonight. I will knit octopus feet and drink Raspberry Tea Crush and be happy to be surrounded by friends. G'night, Gracie.

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