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Thursday, August 11, 2011

It was a dark and stormy night...

Okay, it was a somewhat bright, yet stormy day. Yesterday, that is. And it seems that the clouds loved us so much, they're hanging around for an extended engagement today. I really wish I had a small camera I could keep in my purse. Maybe I'll buy myself one for Christmas. The big camera (Jeff's) is fantastic, but it's unwieldy and it's *ahem* not mine ;)

So anyway, the point is, I love storms. I mean, I really LOVE storms. I love watching them, I love hearing them, I love the surprise flash of lightning and the heart-stopping crashes of thunder. I love to hear the rain pattering against the windows or the roof. I'm not totally crazy about driving in them, but I can handle it. I have a pretty decent view up here on the 7th floor. One of these days I'll have to bring the camera in to show you what I see from my desk. Right now, over the apartment buildings and hundreds of trees, there are some lovely medium-grey clouds drifting by at a fairly decent speed. Some are lighter, some are darker, and there's a bluish band near the bottom with big fluffy white cumulos.

I walked out of my building yesterday to go home, and it was so cool and refreshing outside, I was immediately smiling. Yes, rain makes me happy. I love fall, because it's a lot of cool weather and fantastic storms. Yesterday was kind of a hint of what was to come in October and November, and I so needed that to get me through this week.

I also booked my plane ticket the other night, so I will definitely be going to Stitches Midwest! (more importantly, I will get to see Rob and spend most of the weekend with him!) It seems like we never see each other in winter, but in the summer, it's almost once a month. Can't complain, but I wish it was a shorter drive. I wouldn't mind doing it regularly if it was 8 hours, or even 10. But 14 hours is a bit much for just a weekend :( I'm not entirely sorry we can't move in together for the forseeable future though. Gives me time to get my life in order, get my degree, be independent. The apartment looks a little bit better every day, and the kids are starting to learn to pitch in without being asked.

Now if only the laundry can start doing itself, life will be peaches :) I'm off to take a walk in the cloudy outdoors!

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