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Monday, August 8, 2011

Crazy Days...

So I posted sometime during the day on Friday, and the rest of my day was not chronicled (horrors!).

I left work an hour later than usual, since I had been expecting my friend and her partner to come to knit night with me. They cancelled (which I'm fine with) so I ended up heading out by myself. I get there, and my friend S is knitting away. Seeing S always makes me happy. A few more people came in, none of whom I recognized. They all made themselves at home, which is pretty much par for the course with our group - all are welcome and the more the merrier. Turns out they were Ottawa Knitting Guild ladies who were friends with another one of our semi-regulars. New knitting friends - WIN! Oh, and I finished my coworker H's baby blanket! I decided to start knitting a stuffed octopus. The jury is out on this one, I have no idea if it will work. Pics of the blanket will follow after it's been washed.

Later on, another friend showed up after work, and the three of us chatted away until we decided we were hungry. Off we went to the pub for nachos, the girls graciously covering my sorry broke ass and feeding me nachos off their plates. I really hate living week-to-week, and I hate even more that having a bit of a rest (trip to Chicago) puts me so far in the hole that I can't even afford a night out at the end of the week. I'm working on that, though, and picking up as many shifts as I can at the second job until I'm hired on permanently at the day job. We had a great time bitching about life, chatting, talking about the stuff girls talk about (not boys, clothes and makeup, but everything ELSE). Drove S home, talked to Rob briefly on the phone and then crashed.

Saturday was Skye's birthday party. I ran all over town picking up cake, drinks, supplies etc. Got to the museum ten minutes before party time, her little friends showed up and very much fun was had by all. One of Skye's friends has a severe peanut allergy, so I got her cake at The Cake Shop on Greenbank in Nepean. 100% nut-free bakery! AWESOME! A bit pricey, but she does serve a niche market, and you definitely get what you pay for! Went home, took a nap, worked a half-shift at the second job until I started to feel really nauseous. Took some gravol and slept on the recliner.

Sunday was Skye's "family" birthday party :) Picked the kids up at Jeff's, drove to my mom's house and the kids had a blast in the pool. Right up until someone got hurt *sigh* (fortunately, that was after dinner). For some reason, Skye decided to kick Zachary in the throat. This results in a ban on swimming for the remainder of the summer. I'm debating modifying that to "no swimming TOGETHER", but somehow I think it would be worse for the adults to try to keep one kid out of the pool until their turn. Ban altogether is easier, and I plan on sticking to my guns on this one. I can NOT seem to get these two to understand that physical violence toward each other is not acceptable.

Of course, Mom bought an enormous slab cake for the six of us who eat it (six and a half if you count my year-old nephew). There was more than half a cake left, and guess who took it home. I was smart though. I left it in the car overnight (no cream or milk, so it wouldn't go bad) and brought it to work with me today. At 8:30am, I had one of the admin assistants announce that there was cake to be had in the kitchen, and it was gone before lunch time! I didn't even get a chance to sneak another little piece. HA! Take that, temptation! I has removed you!

I had a productive morning: filled a garbage bag and set the dishes going, culled all the questionable food from the fridge (filling the mini compost bin), and had the kids take out the compost and recycling.

I did see the magic number on the scale over the weekend, but I can't officially post about it until Friday (and god I hope it's still there on Friday! I will be busting my ass to make sure it is!). Today's breakfast was a v8 and banana nut oatmeal, lunch was tomato & herb soup with ritz cheese sandwich crackers (yeah, real healthy), and I had a couple of yogurts as snacks. If I get ravenously hungry between now and home time, I have a granny smith apple I can nibble on. Dinner tonight will be quinoa with sausages (PC Cheddar smokies) and brussel sprouts, I think. No work tonight, thank goodness! Laundry instead.

Tonight's goals: get Zack to change out the cat litter and take out the garbage, get Skye to help me with two loads of laundry, and get both kids to shower and clean up the livingroom floor so I can vacuum it tomorrow.

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