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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Let's Get It Started!

I've had that song in my head for the last little while, so now you will too (all two of you who read this LOL). You're welcome.

When Rob took my measurements on Saturday night (they're coming - he just needs to send them to me with a progress pic), my waist and hip measurements were down, and I got psyched :) We're not even talking first thing in the morning here! It made me happy :) So now I have renewed motivation. I want to see 275 before my birthday (that will be 35 lbs down from my last birthday). I now have an Ab Rocker (I didn't buy it... someone moving out of my apartment building tossed it, and I grabbed it), a mini stair machine (also someone else's trash) and the treadmill, so no excuses.
This is the ab-rocker thingie.
I'm also continuing to use the stairs at work, and after the amount of walking I did on Sunday (two airports later...), I think I'm doing fairly well. I'd like to be able to use a bike by next summer. Can't right now, my lower abdomen gets in the way.

This is my treadmill - Tunturi T20 - I love this thing!

I didn't move yesterday. I was so sore from all the walking - and the 50 lb backpack I lugged around - that I just passed out on the couch after work. Tonight is groceries, and then I work my 2nd job (I just applied for a 3rd job - am I nuts???), but I'm going to try to fit some ab-rocker in to try it out tonight, and use the mini-stepper at least once or twice. I've done three floors worth of stairs up and down at work today (does that count as three flights or six? That's always confused me!) so at least I've been moving a fair bit. Add a salad for lunch, and I'm pretty proud of how today's gone! We won't talk about the pizza I had for breakfast....

This is the same mini-stepper I have. I removed the rubber cords because they were rotted.

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