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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kicking Ass and Taking Names...

Yesterday was amazingly productive. Day one of a two-day Quickbooks 2012 course, did groceries, cleaned my fridge to within an inch of its life (I have photographic proof, but I have no idea how to get it off my phone!) and my son swiffered all the fluff off our kitchen walls. Throw in a ridiculous amount of dishes done by hand and a few other chores, and I was pretty exhausted by 10pm. Today was day two of the Quickbooks class (thank goodness that's nearly over!).

So last night we had a bit of a strategy brainstorm and we decided to finish up the common areas of the apartment tonight and then concentrate on the kids' bedrooms for the remainder of the evening / tomorrow night. My room isn't a huge deal, because the furniture takes up so much of the room that it shouldn't take long to clean up what's left.

I've been actually getting a bit of knitting time at work (lunch time is great when you bring your own lunch!). Making progress on the curtain and the ten-stitch blanket. The one-row scarf is currently hibernating until I finish one project or the other. I'm hoping to start a baby sweater soon (no intended recipient, just want to knit something small & cute and stash down a bit). Then maybe a solid granny square blanket. We have the Color Affection KAL starting soon, so I need to get some mindless projects out of the way first.

The lady I'm replacing has been fantastic about showing me how to do individual tasks, but the thing is that most of what I do needs to be done on a regular basis (once per pay period, once a month, once a week, etc.) and I can't help feeling that while she's on holidays this week, I'm doing things in the wrong order. I can't find anything in my notes to indicate the order things should be done in, and I can't find the notes she created for me (they're not where she was keeping them while she was here). Bit of panic on my part, but I knew there would be a learning curve here, right? Even if I screw things up a bit the first month, I'm sure I'll figure things out quickly enough (and take copious notes).

One thing my ex-coworkers would find hilarious - yesterday, before the Quickbooks course started, I was scrambling to print the training manual and create a binder from it about 10 minutes before the start time. Why did I wait until the last second? Took a while for the IT guy to give me access to the printers and such on my own account. But the fact that I was scrambling at the last second to make a binder would have my old gang in stitches ;) (It was the one thing I bitched about constantly over there - the fact that we were always jumping at the last possible second to get training materials made). I miss them!

Here's to another really productive evening!

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