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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Big fun, little stress....

So Rob flew in on Thursday evening during a huge thunderstorm. Fortunately, his flight landed on time, and without getting fried ;) Sorry I haven't been around since then... I've been a busy girl. Friday, I had to work, so he drove me to work and kept my car, picked me up for lunch, and came to get me at the end of the day. We went to knit night on Friday evening, and had a fantastic time! We tried going to the Mill Street Brew Pub for dinner, but it was an hour wait for a table (screw that). We headed for the Royal Oak on Wellington instead. Saturday, we mostly spent around the house, but then we decided to go out later in the day... we walked a 3.5 km nature trail near my house and then went out for dinner. OMG you guys... DINNER.....

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We went to Fatboys Southern Smokehouse on Murray Street in the Byward Market. I can not say enough about these guys. The concept, the decor, the food... OMG THE FOOD... Rob ordered the brisket, and I ordered the pulled pork. We opted to share three sides - collard greens, smashed potatoes with gravy, and Kentucky corn bites with maple butter.  The meat was so tender and delicious that it really didn't need sauces, but the three signature sauces that Fatboys has sitting on the table (yellow is a tangy mustard sauce, white is a sweet BBQ sauce, and the red is a hotter version of the white) were so delicious, we were happy to slather them on everything. The collard greens were crisp and delicious, with a hint of vinegar, the smashed potatoes were deliciously creamy and the corn bites were fantastic. Rob says he'd have been happier if they were served warm (the corn bites). For dessert, we shared a fudge brownie with CANDIED BACON, y'all!!!! It was to die for! All through the meal, Rob kept saying, "This one's a keeper... we're coming back here!", so I think we'll be going back. A lot. Oh, and the two of us ate for under $35. If you're in Ottawa, TRY IT. If you have a bike, there's free motorcycle parking out front.

Then we went to see Men In Black 3, but that plan backfired. I usually check show times etc. on Cinema Clock, but although the show time was correct, the theatre was only showing it in 3D (which is also usually indicated, but wasn't there this time). I don't do 3D, so we ended up going to see Snow White and the Huntsman. I didn't think Rob would like it, but we both enjoyed it (I really REALLY enjoyed it!). Definitely worth seeing, and I plan on buying it when it comes out on DVD. Oh, and the best part? We got in free thanks to my Scene points! :)

Sunday was the big day. The Walk for Arthritis. It was so freaking hot outside. We schlepped our sorry butts down to the Aviation and Aeronautics Museum with a load of gatorade and sunscreen. After some rather interminable speeches (hint folks, if you're addressing a crowd of arthritis sufferers who are about to walk a very long distance, don't keep them standing around for 20 minutes beforehand!), we got going. Most of the crowd had passed me by the time we got to the half-way mark (they provided water, bananas, apples and granola bars, so I refilled my gatorade with a water bottle) and by the time we were about 1km from the end, I was bringing up the rear. As Rob likes to say, I was DLBF (dead last, but finished). He'd argue that he was the DLBF, but he literally walked around me to come in behind me. We did not attend the barbecue afterward, because I just needed to cool off, so we headed to my mom's instead and we jumped in the pool :)

Yes I did, in fact, get the t-shirt!

Monday, I had to go back to work, so Rob and Zachary stayed home and cleaned my car! They also did quite a bit of laundry and Zachary vacuumed the front room. Rob flew home last night, and yet another weekend visit has proven to be way too short to come close to doing all we wanted to do.

I got a letter from my landlord that someone complained about a foul odor coming from my apartment (wtf??? I've noticed a foul odor in the hallway OUTSIDE my apartment, and reported it to the landlord two months ago, but there is no smell coming from my apartment - Rob confirms this), so I need to get the place super-duper clean by Friday when he's going to come over to see it. *sigh* Not a huge deal other than the mountain range of dirty laundry in everyone's bedrooms. Stupid laundry multiplies when I'm not looking, I swear! Just annoying, since I'm working late every night this week (training course). Should anyone be feeling particularly generous and want to help, well... I'd supply pizza! LOL

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