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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sad plant update *sigh*

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So I came home from knit night on Friday to find my son's cat STANDING in my pots, busily digging out the tomato plant. She had also destroyed my chives, but shown very little interest in any of the other pots. I tossed her down out of the pots and went to find something to clean up with. The SECOND I turned my back, she was back up on top of the freezer, digging in the tomato again. ARGH.

I already knew I was going to have to buy some tomato plants, but for pete's sake, cat, can't you leave this stuff alone for like TWO WEEKS? This is why I've NEVER had houseplants. The cats destroy EVERYTHING. Some people find this endearing, some find it a necessary evil of having pets. I hate it. And I'm starting to REALLY hate the cats. I have to admit, George didn't show the slightest bit of interest in this batch of plants, but she destroyed all my pumpkin and squash seedlings a few years ago. *sigh*

I was pretty frustrated and ready to give up then and there until I talked to Rob. "Well, it's not planting season yet, you have time to start some more!" Yeah... like I felt like starting more just to provide the cats with hours of enjoyment destroying it all. But he had a point. By the time THIS batch of seedlings was big enough to transplant, the plants could live outside full-time (and not just during the day because it still gets too cold at night). So today I went off and bought pellet refills, plumped them up, and planted some basil, cilantro, parsley, marjoram, rosemary, chives and oregano (three of those were new seeds I picked up today).

I've also started reading the new Jean M. Auel book, The Land of Painted Caves. I love this series so much! I have my friend Bob to thank for handing me Clan of the Cave Bear when I was a young, impressionable fourteen-year-old. I've been addicted ever since. HIGHLY recommended.

The granny square blanket is growing by leaps and bounds. Not so much the garter stitch blanket, but I blame stubborn circ cables for that one. It's so frustrating to have to unkink the cables every couple of minutes because I twist the knitting as I go. I have to get moving on it though. Mom is about 6 months along already! The kids are playing at the park, and I think dinner is going to be a simple affair... pork chops, some swiss chard sauteed with some jalapeno cheese whiz (it's awesome in scrambled eggs!) and maybe some rice or quinoa to go with it. For a relaxing Sunday, I'm pretty tired!

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  1. Lynne,

    we have two cats, owned by my husband during his single days. Some days, I really want to tossed these cats out of my house, but then...that also means tossing out my hubby.

    I got tomatoes growing here, mostly cherry ones, I will give you some, I think I've grown seeds too much for a small backyard.

    Hope your new batch catch up. The weather seems to be reluctant to let us plant outdoors anyways.

    Best of luck, Angie