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Monday, April 23, 2012

Evening quickie...

Well, most of the cleaning done this evening involved my stash. Yes, I went through my ENTIRE yarn stash, reorganized everything (it's amazing how much more is put away in bins now!) and chose a whole seven balls of yarn to get rid of *blush*.

Not my stash, although I probably have as much... 
So now there aren't stray balls lying around all over the house, and everything I've bought in the last year has found a home. Five of the seven balls I'm giving away have even been spoken for (if nobody claims the other two in the next week or so, they'll go into the goodwill bag).

I watered the remaining plants. My last, lonely tomato is deader than a doornail :( Stupid cat. One pot of cilantro is also completely gone, but the other pot is hanging on (for dear life). (The empty pots were relocated to the balcony until the seedlings are ready). The basil is still going strong, but I'm not sure about the parsley or chives. The cat ATE all the bloody chives (and amazingly didn't puke them back up), so I'm hoping they'll come back up. But even if they don't, the new plantings should start to sprout in a few days. I've got six parsley, six chive, four marjoram, four oregano, four rosemary, six cilantro and I think six more basil.

The kids cleared out the recycling that was cluttering up the back room, and I've been taking the compost down on a daily basis. I may run the dishwasher before I go to bed and cycle some laundry through. I've finished one entire ball of the granny square lapghan, but my wrist was complaining a bit at lunchtime, so no more knitting or crocheting tonight. Now it's time to go read something!

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