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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Picture this on a baby-blue carpet with slightly less plant material, and you'll see what the cat woke me up with last night. Yup, she climbed up onto a 6 foot tall bookshelf (don't ask me how, I have no idea... she is NOT a jumper), and knocked the pot right off the shelf. AFTER we had all gone to bed, of course. Every time something like this happens, I ask myself again why we keep this cat. I don't LIKE the cat, she's the most destructive creature I have ever had the misfortune to come across. She makes me unhappy and very, very angry. She poops just over the edge of the litter box so it ends up on the kitchen floor (which is gross). At first, I thought it was because we weren't cleaning the litter out often enough, but now she does it with fresh litter in the pan. 

If I'm honest, I really, really freaking HATE this cat. Sure, she's cute. But she destroys everything she comes in contact with, goes after my yarn and knitting (that alone is a reason to boot her to the curb, but I've learned to lock everything up in a room she can't get to), and she beats my cat up on a regular basis. The problem is... she's my son's cat, and he adores her. The second he walks into the house, he's got her in his arms and she follows him everywhere. Argh.

She even looks evil - the long-haired one on the left.
I went through my bookshelves last night and came up with two boxes of books to get rid of. I haven't even gone through the boxes of books in my closet! So I've reorganized the yarn stash and the book collection, which may sound like a waste of time when I'm supposed to be getting the apartment into shape for renovations, but it got a WHOLE lot of loose stuff out of circulation in the common areas of the apartment :) 

The granny square lap blanket is taking shape :) I've used one whole skein of yarn and it's about a 2 foot square at this point :) It is surprisingly warm for an acrylic granny square, and I like how it's looking :) I haven't touched the baby blanket or the kitchen curtain because those are at-home knitting projects, and I'm trying to get more cleaning done, so very little knitting time lately. Maybe I'll take a bit of time out and watch a movie or something this weekend so I can work on the baby project :) 

On a positive note, I (and Rob) will be walking in the 2012 Walk to Fight Arthritis in Ottawa on June 10th. I'm all signed up and registered, and I've started fundraising, so if anyone was so inclined to sponsor me, you can do so online by clicking this link - I've already started to make a dent in my fund-raising goal! Thanks to everyone who has donated so far!!!

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  1. Lynne, I have a cat that does that with the litter box. Drives me insane! So I started putting a puppy pad under the litter box. The poo that goes over the edge of the box at least lands on the pad instead of my floor. Easier cleanup; cat still among the living... for now.