Maine or bust!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Frustration, thy name is clutter!

I think Spring Cleaning fever has hit me. I actually got frustrated yesterday that there's yarn everywhere. Yes, that's right... My stash had me fuming. *sigh* Granted, the huge pile of dirty laundry that takes up half the house isn't helping. There's laundry, there are dishes (although I did fill the dishwasher this morning), there's junk everywhere... bleh. There's no longer anything gross in my fridge, except the fridge itself, which needs to be emptied and scrubbed to within an inch of its life. It's so bad that I was actually lying in bed last night, thinking about climbing a ladder to clean the ceiling fan in the kitchen (it goes beyond caterpillars... think "no range hood" and see what your brain comes up with).

The curtain is coming together nicely. I'm half-way through the second pattern repeat (I worked a 6.5 hour shift on Saturday, so very little knitting time). I'm loving it, and I know it's going to block out beautifully! The baby sweater is about 2/3 done. I've reached the yoke (lord knows why the designer felt the need to do a raglan sweater from the bottom up, but so be it), brought it to work with me, and then couldn't knit on it, since I neglected to read the instructions, and had to knit the sleeves on at this point *sigh* I'm not entirely sure how this is accomplished, but I'm sure I'll figure it out tomorrow when I bring the sleeves with me!

I nearly killed all my seedlings the other day. I didn't water them (for a whole 36 hours) and they started drying out. I lost most of the parsley and one of the cilantro plants, but everything else seems to have survived my stupidity. I think next weekend I'll have to start transplanting, since the tomatoes need staking at this point and I don't want to lose those!

I slept like crap last night... had a slight headache when I went to bed, and we all know how that goes. Raging migraine when I woke up at 2am, but was too fuzzy-headed to do anything about it. Woke up again at 6ish, stumbled through getting the kids ready for school (thank goodness I had a few burritos left in the freezer! easy microwave lunch FTW!), and then dragged myself in to work. Staring at the computer all day hasn't helped too much, but the ibuprofen is taking the edge off, anyway. I am very much looking forward to picking my new glasses up on Thursday! (they're actually cute... shut up, Rob.) More importantly, I'll be able to see ;)

Tonight, there's school (so much for reading week - I spent the week doing anything but, which puts me behind schedule for my final project - ACK), and since I've been a lazy ass and not gone to the gym once since Rob went home, I'll be going there first. I even have my gym bag in the car with Rob's Schwartz Cycles shirt and the pants I bought, and my gym shoes! So no excuses! (I also have my notebook in there, which is good, because I need to keep track of what I'm doing). It's not all as bad as it sounds though, I did get quite a bit of exercise over the last week... I just haven't done any of it at the gym ;)


  1. I'm dog sitting this week at my cousin's house this week. My house is suffering big time. Laundry to do, cleaning and my poor pooch misses me too! I don't bring him with me to dog sit because he is too excited for the 13yr old golden retriever.

    My sleep pattern changed a couple of weeks ago. For a while, I was waking up at 2am and falling back asleep at 4am.

    I'm on my fourth day of Turbo Fire Prep Schedule. Today is a 30 minute toning class with bands.

    Go girl! Kick it at the gym! :o)