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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I knit at Mr. Lube!

Today's been kind of eventful, so pardon me if I'm still a bit scatterbrained. I forgot to turn my alarm clock on again last night, so I popped awake at 8:10. Same time as last time. I don't know if my internal clock doesn't recognize daylight savings time or what, but during the summer, I would pop awake at 7:10. Far less convenient now, since by 8:10, one of the kids is late for school and I'm late for work. Oops! I drove both kids to school (Zachary still had 5 minutes before first bell!) and then rushed to work. Boss guy and I had a meeting with our banking officer at 10. 10:10 rolls around, no bank guy, no boss guy. Well, not entirely true, one of my boss guys was there, but the out-of-towner wasn't. Everybody finally showed up around 10:20 and we started our meeting.

From there, we literally rushed out the door to our office Christmas lunch (mmmm Italian Christmas lunch!). We ate at Bella's Bistro Italiano, and the food was fantastic, if a tiny bit pricey. I couldn't eat anything on the dessert menu (probably for the best) because there was booze in, like, EVERYTHING. My stomach has become more and more sensitive to alcohol until even a sip makes me feel nauseous and itchIy, so it's probably best to avoid it in food too.

I've noticed the last few days that Jeff's car has been a bit sluggish on acceleration, and at first I wondered if I was driving with the parking brake on, or if it wasn't totally disengaging (yes, folks, I use the parking brake every time I park. Sue me). Then I realized that I was wayyyyyy overdue for an oil change. I stopped in to Mr. Lube on my way home - it's funny, in French, it's Monsieur Lub :D We got the car rust-proofed (Rob is groaning right now at the unnecessary expense LOL) and while they had us covered with the tarp, I pulled out my knitting. You should have seen the guys' faces ten minutes later when they took the tarp off and saw Skye in the back seat reading, and me in the driver's seat, knitting away :D Best Knitting in Public reaction EVER.

As for knitting, I've been plugging along. The heel flap is done on the second Falling Leaves sock. I just need to turn the heel, pick up for the gussets and get moving again.

I'm sorry the pic is fuzzy...
I finally figured out the bloody increases on Laura's Ribbed Mitts...

SO so sorry.... :(
And I've made progress on the hat-that-isn't... (it's not a published pattern, I just picked it up off somebody's notes from a hat they made up).

I used my kid's camera, okay???? I'M SORRY!!!!
Actually, it was the hat I was knitting on at the Mister Lube. I have some major laddering in the ribbed section, but only at two junctures, not all four. Stupid KBL. Anyway, the hat isn't coming out very big, because I didn't use the same cast on as the lady who originally came up with it (stupid me) so it's not going to be anywhere near big enough for my head, but that's okay. I'm not too concerned. It'll go to that brat Charity that my kids are always whining I give all my knitting to LOL

As to the fuzziness of the pictures... well, I used Zachary's camera, which is fine for regular pictures,  but apparently sucks ass at macro shots. I didn't want to take the big camera out of the case, so that's my punishment I guess. Crappy photos. There are worse things. For instance, when the guys at Mister Lube were playing around under my car, they noticed something a bit strange. My tires were mounted BACKWARD. As in, they were mounted with the outsides facing in. But only TWO of them. Guess which two. Go on, guess. That's right, the two that had to be removed to repair the damage done when we had the accident in September. NICE, Carstar, really nice.

Oh, and as I write this, Rob is writing his final exam in his class, so wish him luck! I'm off to watch Mask of Zorro and drool over Anthony Hopkins.

I'll be in my bunk... 

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