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Friday, December 14, 2012

A sad day...

I don't know how anyone can concentrate on anything today in the wake of what has happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. I won't report the "facts" here, because they haven't been confirmed yet and have changed so many times over the course of the afternoon that nobody knows exactly WHAT's going on right now. And also today, in China, someone entered a school and stabbed a number of children.

The only reason I'm tackling this in my blog is an intense need and desire to understand. I can sort of see killing someone who has wronged you or hurt you or abused you. I can almost, kind of, sort of see killing someone who interrupts you committing a crime. I can even kind of almost understand war. (sort of) But walking into an elementary school and shooting up a bunch of little kids? Little kids you've never met before who couldn't possibly have caused any harm to anyone in their short lives? Little kids whose families are going to be torn apart at the senseless loss in their midst? Little kids who could have been mine, or yours, or anyone else's - who trusted implicitly in the safety of their school and sanctuary - who trusted that the adults around them were there to protect and cherish them. Those kids have never done anything to anyone. There is no sense whatsoever, no possible explanation or reasoning for killing them.

Many of us will go home tonight and hug our children tightly. Many of us have shed tears today at this mind-boggling tragedy. Many of us will try to make sense of it. But it doesn't make sense, and it never will. No matter how many ways you twist and turn this, it will not make sense. I think it's time to seriously reexamine what we've turned our society into, to reevaluate what the hell is going on in the world. The world has well and truly gone mad, and it's time we started taking care for and of each other again rather than isolate ourselves into little islands and all stand independently. It's time to turn our gaze inward and decide what is truly important, and figure out where we're headed next. Because I don't like this crazy ride anymore, and I'd like to get off.

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