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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bring it, Tuesday...

Last night's class was awesome! Apparently I have very good symbol recognition, because I was actually sounding out words in minutes while people who have been in the class for the full 5 weeks so far were having trouble. It was SO much fun (plus, Edith made & brought latkes - yum! Bit disappointed that we weren't learning to make them, but I suppose 20 people crowding around the stove in the kitchen would have been a bit much.).

This morning, I got up on time, got the kids' lunches made in record time, and actually got out the front door a bit ahead of schedule. Pulled out of my parking space and the car felt a bit sluggish... okay, I didn't warm it up first, but I figured it would settle as I drove. Turned the corner to head to Jeff's house to pick up the kids, and that's when I heard it. You know what I heard. I hate that sound. HATE it. This is what I heard:

Yup. Front passenger tire was flatter than a pancake. UGH. So here's where my day COULD have been completely ruined but wasn't. Yeah, I was going to be late for work, but all I really had to do was hobble the car around the block, park it and take a cab over to Jeff's house. Then I could just drive his car to work and back and deal with the flat AFTER work (and after the kids got to school on time). All in all, a pretty easy and stress-free way to deal with it. I now have to buy a new set of tires, but I was going to have to do that after this winter anyway. I just wish it hadn't happened after I just paid for my January university class *sigh*.

Got the kids to school on time, got to work, and then got an interesting phone call. My bank phoned me on my office phone - I didn't even know they had that number! - to tell me that my rent was about to bounce. Um... WHAT??? Turns out my automatic transfer didn't transfer automatically on the 1st, so the money was still sitting in my savings account (where I put it to avoid spending it) and the payment wasn't going to go through. The lady at the bank said that she had never seen me miss a payment in the MANY years I've been a customer there, so she figured she'd call to see what was going on. MY BANK ROCKS. This woman? She is my ABSOLUTE hero today. She wears all the capes.

For some reason, it got dark enough for street lights around 2pm today - that's been happening a lot lately. So that combined with lack of sleep lately has made me far more tired than I'm accustomed to, but the rest of the day has held so much awesomeness that I'm pretty much okay with that. I'll just skip knit night tonight and head home after class, get a decent night's sleep (I hope) and be raring to go tomorrow. Now I just have to get my hands on some tires! (There goes my new car fund...)

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