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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Happy Chanukah!

Kari and Sue and I went to visit Kelly at Just Knitting today. It's a very sad time for us, as a third knitting store opts to leave our shopping area, but at least Kelly will continue her business online, so it's not really "goodbye," it's more of a "see you around, but not face-to-face. Kari and Sue got some lovely yarn, but true to my yarn diet, all I bought was a couple of sets of Hiya Hiya Sharp DPNs and a pair of scissors that had some awesome Engrish on the back (made in China, and the translation is hilarious). Major snowstorm today, but it all turned to rain later in the afternoon, so nothing stuck around. Sue was taking pictures out the windshield and sending them to her husband. 

Kelly on the left, Sue on the right. Kari refused to be photographed.

We then headed out to Sue's to record the Two Tangled Skeins podcast, which was awesome. Kari made us some shepherd's pie for dinner that was awesome :) Then I went home with the kids and we took the materials I showed you the other day and put together a Chanukiah (menorah) for our Chanukah candles!

sorry, my sense of balance required me to add the three other candle-holders...
Zachary looked up the prayers online while I used the glue gun to the glass candle-holders. I love how it looks, and it's exactly what I wanted! I said the prayers (I couldn't remember the melody) and lit the candles, and this was the result:

Happy first night of Chanukah, everyone!

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