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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Blog Roll, and a bit of boring...

I was kicking butt and taking names this morning, even though I felt like a walking corpse.

  • I cooked lunch for the kids and I (that sounds a lot fancier than it was - it was just last night's red rice and shredded tofu leftovers with some chipotle sausage chunks and mozzarella thrown in).
  • Got everyone outfitted in clean clothes (which is a monumental task when the minions won't bring their clothes to the laundry room to be cleaned and I can't walk into their obstacle course bedrooms).
  • Signed permission slips and found enough money to pay the outing fees even though SOMEONE only gave me the slip at 7:30 this morning as we were supposed to be leaving the house (money was given in quarters. I apologized to her teacher at the bottom of the slip).
  • Packed myself a healthy lunch to keep up with food goals (so far, so good!).
  • Went in to pay my daughter's school fees (last year, I think it was November before I got that done...)
  • Forgot to bring myself a diet coke, so no caffeine yet today.... wups.
Okay, that last one kind of sucked, and I'll be going out shortly to get myself something to drink. The other thing that kind of sucked this morning was that it was chilly, so I wore my lace sweater... and I pulled a thread on it going through the front door at the school. Fixable, but a pain in the ass. This sweater:

(Okay, that looks like crap with a shiny turquoise tanktop underneath it, but I can assure you, it looks quite nice with the dark red one I'm wearing today... not that it does ANYTHING AT ALL to flatter...)

I went to the gym last night and did gym-type things. Two days in a row? Not so much. I was doing fine at first, and then my body just gave out. The recumbent bike was probably the hardest. I really need to find a way to increase my ability on the bike, because it's depressing me. Tonight will be a walk, because I can probably manage that without hurting myself (the other thing - exercising while sick? ugh...)

As for knitting, I got a few inches done on Tempting at school the other night (two-hour presentation on library resources - YAY, knitting time!). Last night, I didn't feel like doing endless K2,P2 rib, so I picked up Rob's kitchen curtain and got five rows done on the last pattern repeat. That means thirteen rows to go, and I can start the garter stitch for the curtain rod! He may get it before his birthday! Sock hasn't been touched, because I'm waiting until I can concentrate on it. The other projects don't require that much thought. 

I figured I'd close off today by sharing the blogs I read regularly. Then I'll link them on the right so everybody can enjoy them! 

  1. First, of course, is the blog of my good friends Sue and Kari - Two Tangled Skeins. This is the blog for their podcast of the same name. Sue also has an etsy shop where she sells hand-made cards and stitch-markers.
  2. My not-so-secret addiction? The Yarn Harlot's blog. I have met Stephanie twice, taken classes with her, and she is a fantastically funny person. She's one of those straight-faced, sarcastic funny people, and she's my personal knitting hero :)
  3. Two Sides of the Same Stitch. I was privileged to be able to take classes with both Kellie and Gwen this year at Stitches Midwest, and I really enjoy their banter and their knowledge!
  4. Northwest Edible Life - you didn't think I just read knitting blogs, did you?
  5. Dog Island Farm - At one point I was reading about 20 "urban homesteading" blogs... I'm down to two. Be thankful LOL
  6. Just Bento - I looooooooove bento meals. They fascinate me! My favourite sushi place offers vegetable tempura on a bento-type platter with several different little treats in it!
  7. Food in Jars - I started reading Marissa's blog on a whim, and now it's become one of my first stops every morning. She recently came out with a cookbook (same name) that I bought and love! I've already tried a few of her recipes, and I highly recommend them!
  8. Wayside - this is my friend Amanda's blog. It's got a bit of everything. Cooking, knitting, spinning, dyeing... you name it, Amanda talks about it (she also has her own etsy shop selling naturally-dyed yarns.
Now you know what I do all day (other than writing cheques, paying bills and the other fun stuff a financial secretary gets to do...). Enjoy!

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