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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Middle of the night rambling...

It's 2:30 am... I've been sick as a dog the last few days, and I came home to get to bed early, slept a few hours, woke up for a bit, slept for a few more hours, and now I'm wide awake in the middle of the night. It won't last long, it never does. But for right now, I figured I'd pop on and share some of the remainder of my week.

Fitness - I'll confess that I haven't been too on-the-ball since I've been sick. I've been trying to walk a bit, but considering that I get light-headed and winded from walking to the bathroom, I haven't done much. I do have great plans to try doing yoga in my kitchen. Once I can breathe again and my brain is no longer primarily composed of mucous. Nice lady at the other store was at least able to tell me that my parts have shipped from somewhere in Europe. There is no ETA. And so I continue waiting. I've been lazy on the Yoga Body Diet thing, also blaming the sick factor. I will try to do better though!

Knitting - Not fully back in the swing of things yet, but I'm getting there. I finally bit the bullet and had Sue try Rob's sock on. She couldn't even get the cuff over her heel. I figured it looked kind of small, but I kept hoping I could keep knitting. No such luck. I frogged it today and I'm going to try it again on larger needles (2.5mm), but those are currently occupied in my Laura's Ribbed Mitts. So I've made a bit of a push to finish those. I'm at the second set of thumb increases and five rows in, I realize I did something wrong at the beginning of this set so I'm going to have to tink back 5 rows *sigh* This is what I get for trying to knit while exhausted and without glasses. But really, I'm in the home stretch. And the first mitt made an appearance on tonight's Two Tangled Skeins podcast! I should be able to finish it tomorrow.

Food - I've sort of been forcing myself to eat the last couple of days, because I'm not terribly hungry, but I haven't been forcing myself to eat the healthiest stuff either. Today was particularly bad and I'm not very proud of myself. But tomorrow is another day, right?

School - Tomorrow is also going to be final project day. I have studying to do, I have the project to finish, and once that's done, I can start thinking about the second book report for the Judaism class. We've started working on grammar and usage and actual word meanings in Hebrew class, which is AWESOME.

Everything else - I think I miss Rob most when I'm sick, not because I want to be taken care of, but because I feel much safer and happier when he's lying in bed next to me and I miss that feeling a lot when I'm sick. I'm supposed to take my nephew to his swimming class tomorrow, and since he's not quite three, I'm supposed to get in the water with him. This could be interesting... I have not worn a bathing suit in public for a very long time, and I'm not thrilled about this. (I'm taking him because his mom had surgery this week and his dad will be busy taking care of his baby sister.) Gonna have to suck it up though. My SIL has lost a lot of weight in preparation for this surgery and I'm really proud of her. I'm also envious and a bit bummed. I keep telling myself that if I had a stronger (more immediately present) support system, I'd be doing better at this, but the truth is that I can't rely on anyone but myself to get there. Rob can support and help all he wants, but until I get to a point where this is going to happen, I'm going to keep disappointing myself (and him).

My boss brought in an organizational specialist to help me at work because I've been having trouble getting things under control there. I had a great talk with her on Friday, and I'm very optimistic about working with her. I confessed to her that I was just as disorganized and lost in my personal life as I am at work, and she was very positive about it all, saying that the techniques she was going to teach me for functioning better at work would spill over into my personal life too and I would see a marked improvement there too. I've felt a little more in control with the Yoga Body book's techniques as well, so I'm starting to feel like maybe I can be a normal, functioning adult like everybody else! I am beginning to achieve a small measure of balance :)

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