Maine or bust!

Friday, April 19, 2013


Fitness - I'm sitting in my livingroom waiting for the treadmill technician to show up (my appointment was for first thing this morning - it's now 13:00...). Yes, after ONE phone call with the other store, my parts magically appeared out of thin air. The tech was supposed to be here at 9 this morning. Will he show up? I'm taking bets ;) I've had to call the store three times and I'm still not sure he'll show up before I leave for Temple tonight. But the parts are here. In this country! Remind me that when I'm ready to buy my recumbent bike, I am buying it from ANYONE other than these guys. HEY! He showed up :D Miracles will never cease :) He's in the back working on it while I finish typing this up!

Knitting - I have a confession to make... I did not unpick those four rows of my fingerless mitt. I haven't touched anything except hexipuffs in the last week. Now granted, I did stuff a finished one and knit two more of those, but even then, there hasn't been much knitting time this week. I've been too busy and stressed out with school finishing and work stuff. I have, however, started having lustful fantasies about spinning wheels... 

Food - Ongoing struggle, but overall, I've been behaving. I've also been logging on, so that's something. I bought a fennel bulb this week and a bottle of citrus salad dressing. I am so looking forward to a fennel salad! (Also got some gorgeous Boston lettuce and some lovely asparagus!) Add a ridiculous number of strawberries - they were on sale - and blueberries, some bananas, CACTUS PEARS (my favorite! also on sale) and the *shudder* grapples my daughter insisted on... there's a lot of produce in the house right now LOL Grapples are disgusting and whoever invented them should surrender themselves for punishment. A grapple is an apple that is supposed to taste like grapes. But it doesn't taste like REAL grapes. It tastes like that fake chemical "grape" flavor that is in everything purple. They smell like those grape scented markers we had as kids. DISGUSTING. And my daughter LOVES them. They're an occasional treat though, because four apples cost me five bucks. (Fricking fracking gold-plated smelly apples!)

School - It is OVER. I wrote my final exam on Tuesday and the boring-ass Documentation and Terminology class is FINISHED. I love the prof, really, he's awesome. But there's only so much interest you can infuse into that subject. In Judaism class, we started our second Hebrew textbooks this week, and it's awesome. WORD MEANINGS! CONTEXT! GRAMMAR!!!!!! I am loving this class :) We had a very thought-provoking discussion on the concept of justice and forgiveness. If you can find a copy of Simon Wiesenthal's book, The Sunflower, read it! I am not taking a class for the spring semester. I need a break. 

Everything Else - not really much else going on. I booked the cabin for our vacation in the Catskills, I got my car back, and the girls and I are making plans for Maryland. TWO WEEKS!!!! two weeks from now I will be driving by Utica on my way to West Friendship, MD for the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival! SO excited!!!

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