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Friday, August 31, 2012


I came home on Tuesday night to be told that my back room and bathroom had to be emptied for the contractor who's been upgrading the apartments in our building. Okay... some notice would have been nice, but let's roll with the punches. My ex, kids and I got the rooms emptied and now the rest of my house is an effing disaster area, but you know what? I'm okay with this. It will mean a nicer apartment when we're done, right?

Fast forward a couple of days. Thursday night - last night - I came home to find that there was no electricity in the entire back half of my apartment. Bathroom, kitchen, back room and Skye's bedroom, all without power. NO notice, no contractor, no indication of how long the power had been off, nothing. WTF??? Dudes, that means that my FRIDGE and CHEST FREEZER had no power. It also means I can't make dinner because I can't turn on the stove, oven or any of my small appliances. Zachary and I managed to roll the chest freezer into the livingroom and plug it in there, and then we moved all the stuff from the fridge freezer to the big one. We also managed to put the meats & cheese from the fridge into the freezer, but everything else in the fridge is a write-off.

I left a note this morning for the contractor - on bright yellow paper at eye-level on his ladder, so he can't claim he didn't see it - stating that I found it unacceptable for him to leave me without power overnight and that he now owed me $50 for groceries. If this jerk keeps doing this kind of shit, I'm considering making a complaint through RĂ©gie des rentes. I mean, who DOES things like that?

On the plus side, I got to visit with a friend I previously only knew through Ravelry last night, before she moves to Italy. Man... ITALY. I am so flipping jealous :) But I got a box of books and a couple of house plants to remember her by :) Her philodendron is settling nicely into the corner of my office. I took the kids out to dinner last night to a place that serves 24 different kinds of poutine. Zachary had the ground beef / pepperoni / bacon poutine, and Skye had a chicken / bacon / onion poutine. I had a bloody salad. And I didn't even finish it... I think it's called Vidal? Food's not bad, but it's not cheap either. For the three of us, it cost me over $50. Ouch. Something tells me I would have been better served taking them to McD's...

My sock is coming along nicely, albeit slowly. If I ever find my camera (or any of the cameras, really), I will take pictures of a whole pile of stuff. This is part of what I hate about having to empty two whole rooms of my apartment - I can't find a bloody thing! Everything's either in the way or blocked off, and it's driving me up a tree! SOCK. Socks make me happy, thanks to the Yarn Harlot. Grok the Sock is an excellent class, and if you ever get the chance to take it, I don't care what it costs, DO EET.

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