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Thursday, August 23, 2012

On the road again...

This morning we took the kids shopping for sxhool clothes, and then headed out to Rob's sister's place for lunch and a swim. I love swimming so much! And the best part? Beth is an aqua aerobics instructor, and she showed Skye and I some exercises we can do at home to increase flexibility and make the most of our time in the pool.

After that, we hit Bill's Custard Cafe for dinner. If you ever find yourself between Chicago and Milwaukee, you have got to make a detour to this place. The food is amazing, plentiful, and dirt cheap! As an example, tonight, I got the chicken torta special (which came with fries and a tub of fresh jalapeno slices), Zachary got a gyro plate with fries and a drink, Rob got a hot beef sandwich that came with mashed potatoes (real ones), and Skye opted for a kids hamburger plate. Soup is always included, and they make it from scratch every day. That plus drinks for Rob and I came out to $25 total. The four of us couldn't eat at McDonald's for that.

Then we headed down to the Sterling Lake nature trails on 173.  It was getting dark, so we didn't have time to walk around the lake itself, but we did the yellow trail, which is about 1.7 miles around. Now it's time for a quick batch of seafood pasta sauce, and then bed. Tomorrow, we head home first thing in the morning. Boo :(

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