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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Never a dull moment...

I meant to blog about this over the weekend, but time got away from me (again). I made it home at stupid o'clock in the morning on Saturday, dropped one kid off at his dog-sitting gig (for a friend who was going to Twist), dropped the other kid off at her dad's, and went home to crash. 1:30am when I finally got to bed. *yawn*

Saturday morning, I headed to Perth to spend time with two of my favourite ladies, Janie and Heather at Janie H. Knits. Sadly, Janie is closing the store (she's got to have a life at some point, I guess!) and I have been sitting around knitting and encouraging people to buy stuff ;) I got to meet a lady I've been chatting on and off with on Ravelry for years! Thank goodness she recognized me from my ravatar, because otherwise, I'd have had no clue who she was (hi, Carlene!). From there, I drove to Chelsea to attend my cousin's 45th birthday party, tease him about being old, and spend time with my two favourite sprogs, my nephew Cael, and his brand-new sister, Mara-Jade! (Oh yeah, I became an auntie almost exactly two weeks ago!)

My sister-in-law had sent me a message while I was in Chicago, asking if I could knit a bag and a hat for a newborn photo shoot she wanted to book, since her photographer didn't have any baby props... :D Erm.... professional pics of a teeny baby in something adorable that I had knit her? HELLS YES! I had gotten started in Chicago, but things kind of stalled, since I misplaced my size 13 DPNs... When she told me on Saturday that the photographer could fit them in on the 29th, I agreed to have the stuff ready by then and went on my merry way.... This becomes important later.

I drove back out to Ottawa to pick Zachary up, and when we got home, we headed out for our walk. This is where the fun and excitement come in. As we were walking around the block, this black tortoise kitten started following us. And I mean, she followed us all the way around the block. Twice. She would cower in terror every time a car passed by, and she didn't seem smart enough to stay out of the street (we had to rescue her from three separate cars she ran out in front of). I was a bit concerned as to where she had come from, since there was no collar, and she felt like she hadn't eaten in a while. Zach went upstairs to grab some food and water for her, and she REALLY enjoyed the food. I knew we couldn't just leave her outside, or she was sure to be hit by a car during the night.

So off on another wild adventure we went. We drove to FOUR different animal shelters before we managed to get the good folks at the Ottawa Veterinary Hospital to take her in. She wasn't more than four or five months old, extremely friendly, and so cute it was really hard to hand her over, but I knew we couldn't handle a third cat (the two we have are destructive monsters) and she probably had owners looking for her. Time I got home to bed this time? 2am. Ugh.

Sunday morning, we were up bright and early to head to Twist for the Yarn Harlot's Knitting with Speed and Efficiency class :D Dudes, I met the Yarn Harlot!!!!! I had a total fangirl moment in the marketplace before my class when I saw her walking toward me, and it took everything I had not to just say, "Hey, how's it going?" I realized in time that hey, this woman has no idea who I am... *blush* I swear to you, I sat the entire three hours in that class squeeing maniacally inside. She is such a fantastic person, and I was so awed and overwhelmed to be CONVERSING with her... omg.Guys, I was actually having an intelligent conversation with the woman after the class finished! *SQUEE*

Fortunately, Sunday evening was a fairly early bedtime, after purchasing school supplies for Zachary (ugh, high school!).Tonight (Monday) when I got home, I saw a message from my sister-in-law asking when she could come pick up the stuff for the photo shoot... um... CRAP. I took a peek at the calendar and suddenly realized it was the 27th. When the hell did THAT happen??? I ran off to Walmart to find a set of DPNs big enough to finish the bag (baby cocoon) with, and all I could come up with was size 10. *sigh* Oh well...

It is now nearly 2am, and I have completed the bag, the hat and a pair of booties in the beige yarn. I have started the provisional cast-on for the hammock (can't help it, it's such a damn cute idea!) in red, and I'll work on that tomorrow while everybody else is having lunch LOL It's a quick knit in bulky yarn, so I should be able to drop it off to them after dinner. This will teach me to not pay attention to what day it is.

Pictures will be shared after the photo shoot :) Walking has been going well, and today was the first unofficial day of South Beach (tomorrow's the official first day, because I hadn't done groceries yet. Now I have food in the house) and it was okay. Gym renewal has to wait until Wednesday because after two runs to Chicago and an afternoon with Miss Janie, there's not much left in the wallet other than pocket lint ;) And now to bed... tomorrow is a new adventure!

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