Maine or bust!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Slight accomplishment and a lot of desperation...

I wrote out this whole long post and then realized I was just whining and feeling sorry for myself, so I deleted it. I did not go to the gym last night. I did groceries and then realized that Zachary had three exams to study for, so it really wasn't fair to drag him to the pool. I could have left him at home and taken Skye swimming, but after an unpleasant grocery trip (that child is beyond difficult when you make her do something she doesn't want to, and she NEVER wants to go grocery shopping), I was stressed out and just wanted to relax. No excuses, I simply didn't want to anymore.

I'm currently feeling very whiny and sorry for myself because I'm hungry, I (still) have a headache, and I am not seeing results (duh, you don't go to the gym, you don't get gym-like results!). The painters are in, and I generally tend to be very weepy and whiny when that happens. I'm also somewhat frustrated because I have a personal trainer who's willing to work with me, who is happy to make herself available, and I'm futtering over how much this is going to cost ($50/hour, which is pretty standard, plus $8/session for three sessions to get her into the gym with me). That, on top of the cost of the gym membership, is a bit hard to swallow and I'm having trouble convincing myself that I'm worth the money. (The fact that I haven't had a shift at the store in nearly a month isn't helping... no extra paycheque coming in.)

I have to do something though, since I do not want to remain this size/weight/fitness level anymore, so I've contacted the trainer and committed to three one-hour sessions with her (*gulp*). Hopefully this won't kill me ;)

In other news, my car wouldn't start this morning. Complete stupidity on my part. I let the tank get really low, and then it went down to -20 C last night, so this morning, condensation and such, car wouldn't start. *sigh* I have learned my lesson, especially as it's been an expensive one (didn't have time to hoof it to Jeff's to pick up his car, couldn't find my jerry can to get more gas, and didn't have any change to take the bus, so I cabbed it to work this morning). I am an idiot (and I'm sure I'll get a lecture from Rob tonight).

On the plus side, I knit a whole lot on Kimery's cowl!


  1. I'm in the same rut as you right now. BUT, I am going skating on the Canal on Saturday and I plan to use the elliptical at my boyfriend's place on Friday and I might do the gym near home on Sunday while my son goes to the pool.

    I know that once I get back in the routine I was until end of November 2011, things won't change... My problem is the rush when I get home... I want to relax at some point and when I go to the gym, I have no relax time.

    HUGS! Keep your nutrition good and go out for a walk at lunch if you don't plan on going to the gym. :o)