Maine or bust!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm so excited!!!!

First off, I'm going to the gym tonight with my friend Kari (no, I did not go last night... it's really hard to get back out of the house in the evenings with the kids... maybe Curves, which is a few blocks from my house... we'll see). YAY! Last night, I stopped off at Canadian Tire and picked up 5 and 10 lb free weights, a yoga mat, and some hand grips. Still need a 20kg kettlebell weight and an exercise ball (maybe a medicine ball too). Then I'll be able to do MOST of my gym workout at home. That will have to wait for my next paycheque though.

This is what I've started my new Doctors Without Borders scarf in:

It's Boutique Changes by Red Heart. There are six different yarns in there (there's even a sparkly metallic one). Sadly, I can't adjust the colour (don't have Picasa on this computer) but it's a bit darker than that. This is DWB Scarf # 2:

And now.... what I'm so excited about :D Guess what I did last night?

I planted four pellets of tomatoes (the whole package had 10 seeds in it... ripoff!), eight of chives, twelve of curled-leaf parsley, and six each of sweet basil and cilantro :) Each one of those mini-greenhouses has twelve pellets in it (they really are pellets, and then you pour warm water on them, and they expand into clumps of dirt!) Hopefully they will sprout and I'll have a little balcony garden this summer. I'm planning to add a rhubarb plant (in a planter, obviously) and maybe an avocado if I can ever get one to sprout!


  1. Oh how I miss my 20 foot veggie garden! Since I moved to a townhome 5 years ago, I can only grow a few vine tomato plans and I have chives with my perennial flowers.

    Have fun getting ready for Rob's arrival!

  2. Lynne: Love your set up, I know the humidity dome is working because I can see fog in your mini greenhouse.

    I found 6 avocado seeds that split open yesterday, so I did put 6 of them in small 4" inch pots. I know it may take long, but well...its avocado, thick seed pits, and hope it will germinate to enjoy spring/summer.

    I have not been out to gym either, hubby works night shift last week, and dragging 3 little kids out is not a good idea. Hope you keep it up, all we can do is try.

    My rosemary germinated, but for some reason, I knocked the clam shell down, and I am left with like 4 plants. Don't know if they ever survive. LOL

    Have a good weekend, I am just looking at my shelf now, and beans that grows so fast, they have to temporarily grow in my cupboards.