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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Six days of silence...

Sorry about that! Rob was visiting ;)

Fitness - Would you believe, I'm still waiting for word from the treadmill people? The best part is, I've called them three times since I last wrote, and still not one iota of information has been given to me. They keep promising to find out and call me back, they never call back. If there was ANYONE ELSE within a reasonable distance that sold/serviced this treadmill, I would go to them in a heartbeat. I will never shop at Club Piscine again. Their customer service is ABHORRENT! In other news, Rob has set me a 14-day challenge to do 20 bicep curls (each side) and 20 crunches per day in exchange for a half-hour back rub :) I like back rubs. I've also decided that printing out pictures of grossly overweight people (to remind me of what I actually look like) and keeping them around will be better incentive. Because I saw a lady the other day, and I looked at Rob and whispered, "Is that what I look like?" and he said, "Yeah, pretty close," and I was totally grossed out :(

Knitting - Oh knitting... I've done a bit of work on Skye's sweater (a couple of rows) and a bit on the Baby Surprise Jacket (a couple of rows) and a whole lot of nothing else. I did finally find and kitchener that last Hexipuff I had worked on. I also knitted two worsted-weight hexipuffs to experiment a bit with more immediate gratification (I'll use scraps to make baby blankets, maybe). No knitting was done while Rob was here, because, well... Rob was here ;) He arrived during knit night. His original itinerary said his arrival time was 9:41, so I was prepared to leave knit night around 9pm for the airport. I get in the car, notice I missed a call, and my stomach drops. Poor Rob landed at 8:40, not 9:40, and he's been sitting around the airport by himself for half an hour! I rushed over to pick him up, but it still ended up being another 20-30 minutes before I could get there. NEVER AGAIN. I will print out his itinerary from now on, and keep it with me. I was too hyper at knit night to get much of anything done LOL

Food - Other than roasting a chicken the other day (just basic roaster in a pan with potatoes and onions - and a bit of lemon zest), I haven't done much. I do have a butternut squash in the fridge that really wants to be soup, and I think the zucchini and paneer I have in the fridge are going to make an appearance in some quinoa salad. I have to steam the leftover baby bok choy and the brussel sprouts are going to be part of tonight's dinner (the kids love them!). Other than that, I have three pomegranates I really need to take apart before they go bad, and I'll have to do my second batch of applesauce sometime soon, since I still have two six-litre baskets of apples in my back room.

School - Well, I've finally started the project we're working on in my Documentation and terminology class. OMG how boring, but I need to get it done. And it requires a fair bit of research, so I can't just leave it to the last minute. I'm tired of the stress that creates anyway. No Intro to Judaism class this week, since Monday was Family Day in Ontario, but I've been practicing my Hebrew reading a bit. I want to start reading one of the books they gave us this week (in the middle of a short Margaret Yorke mystery I need to finish first, that I'm now realizing I read a few years ago).

Everything else - Not much going on other than Rob's visit. He ended up being stuck here for an extra day because Toronto is apparently terrified of snow. :) I'm not complaining... but if we'd known he wouldn't make his connection to Chicago when we got his boarding pass, we wouldn't have then wasted another two and a half hours at the airport, so boo to the counter agent who forgot to check the weather advisories, because the lady at the gate knew all about it, and so did the other two counter ladies when I went back to check. Yay to Porter for being super-awesome though and rescheduling his flights TWICE (once last week, once on Monday) with no hassle (and no extra fees). There's a reason we only fly with them now. This week has been a bit of a non-starter, what with my computer doing wonky things at work and my brain being slightly fried from the remainders of the headcold that just won't let go. The boy turns 14 today, so happy birthday to my too-tall teenager :) Now you can enter the weight room at the gym, so no excuses for mom not going!

No, this isn't his cake. He'll say it's because I don't love him
that much, but in fact, it's because he doesn't particularly
like cake. He likes cheesecake. Which is what he is getting.

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