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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

10,000 maniacs...

As of today, there have been 10,002 views on my blog (none of which are mine LOL)!!! Holy crap, y'all! That's a lot of page views!!!

Fitness - Ugh. I need a serious kick in the pants. I think I finally figured out what's been messing with my knees so much. I change out of my boots when I get to work, and put on a pair of low heels (1 or 1 1/2 inch tops). Today, after an HOUR in the office, my knees were so bad I could barely take two steps without stumbling. Took the shoes off and went barefoot for a while (well, I had socks on), and then went back to my boots and felt way better. The second I start heading down stairs though, the pain is incredible. No more heels for a while (sorry Rob). So squats were skipped yesterday, but I should be on track to do them tonight. I've been doing the dumbell bicep curls Rob challenged me with, and it hurts to knit now LOL Can't wait for the treadmill parts to come in!

Knitting - I am knitting this top for Skye:

It's a child's sweater, so I've had to restart a few times to get the sizing right. I'm doing it in hot pink cotton, and I swear I've restarted this sweater five times. In the beginning, I was knitting it in pieces, as written in the pattern. I got about four inches into the back when I realized that there was no way this was going to be big enough. I keep forgetting that cabling really narrows knitting. So I ripped it and cast it on in the round with a few extra pattern repeats. Got about 8 rows in and realized I'd messed up the start-up rows, so I ripped back to the 3rd row, spent 40 minutes picking all the stitches back up (backwards - every last one of them) and another 20 minutes re-knitting the remaining setup rows, making sure I was doing it properly. I now have stitch markers for each pattern repeat and should be able to continue without incident. The poor ribbed mittens were forgotten in the back of my car over the weekend, so they remain untouched. I did a whole ONE hexipuff this week.

Food - Would you believe, I STILL haven't gotten around to making that applesauce? I've been so busy lately that I keep putting it off. It really needs to be made though. Rob may have to help me bring the new stove upstairs on Saturday so we can get it done with more than one burner! Food has been on the 'super-easy-to-digest' plan for the last few days for reasons I'll get into below. I'm now thinking of using the Spiced Applesauce recipe from the Food in Jars cookbook (I love that book!)

School - I didn't go to Judaism class this week because I wasn't feeling well. I'm current IN my other class, and still wondering why we seem to be discussing the very same things we've been talking about since the beginning of the term. *sigh* I have to get to work on my assignment.

Everything else - Well.... Sunday evening, after his swimming class and dinner at my mom's, Zachary spent the night throwing up (and at nearly 14 years of age, he still can't make it to the bathroom... I can't fault him for that though, I was an adult before I could). At least three times in different locations until I could get him to sleep with a bowl. He spent the rest of the night on the couch, and spent the next day sleeping until I got home at 5pm. Even Gravol wouldn't stay down :( I wasn't feeling too well myself by Monday afternoon, so I stayed home from class (you know, they teach us to share, but I doubt anybody would have appreciated a stomach bug being shared). Poor kid had no idea what was happening to him. The last time he got this type of stomach bug, he was six months old. Fortunately, Skye is doing great :) I'm hoping everybody will be in decent shape when Rob arrives on Friday! Oh yeah, Rob's coming to visit this weekend :) I'm very excited, because we're going out with my friend Sylvie and her wife while he's here :D I haven't seen them in way too long!

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  1. I'm having a similar sweater experience, except instead of sizing it's simply that I'm not paying enough attention to the charts! I go for a while and get into the swing of things, then realize that I missed a change in the pattern and have to rip out and go back. We'll get there, though :)