Maine or bust!

Thursday, November 29, 2012


I'm sitting at my desk looking out the window watching some very lazy snowflakes fall to the ground. It's not yet time for those massive storms that mute sound due to the sheer volume of falling snow, but it's a beginning and a feeling of peace descends on me when I watch snow fall. Everything else seems less important - the class I suddenly dislike that won't be over for another two weeks, the fact that my car is falling apart around me, the mess in my apartment, the mountain of laundry waiting for me at home, the 50,000 other things that demand my attention. All of it can wait for a moment while I watch the snowflakes dance in the air.

Not mine, but I don't have any pics of snow lazily falling...
Give me a month, and I'm sure I'll be cursing it piling up on the car (making me have to waste time brushing it off before going to work), hiding ice on the sidewalk (I have a super-paranoid fear of slipping), and generally making spring wait. But for now, I'm bundled in my favourite sweater, enjoying watching it come down. I may not feel this way at the end of the day when I have to leave and realize that the brush for the car is in Jeff's front hall ;)

I took this in March last year, just as winter was giving its last gasp...
I'm thinking that I need a pair of fingerless mittens. It's a bit chilly in my office, and although I can easily change the thermostat, I'm not going to make the rest of the office suffer so I can be warmer! I'm debating over patterns, and I'll have to dig through my stash to see what I've got that's suitable. I will NOT buy new yarn for this project! I want to ramp up the knitting from stash this year. I have so much gorgeous yarn, I really don't need any more right now. And I keep putting myself in harm's way, walking through yarn stores, or wool festivals, or what have you, and bringing home a new haul :) Time to stop, take a deep breath, and appreciate what I have.

Yes, this is my stash.... *almost* all of it!
We're finished with swimming classes for the next month, so we have our Wednesday nights back. Zachary passed his class, but won't be moving up to the next level. I've decided to enroll him in Bronze Medallion instead (Medallion or Cross? Whichever one's the first level!). He'll have a first aid component and it'll be a start on the way to lifeguard training. Skye did not pass her level, but the one thing I remember about swimming classes when I was a kid was that it didn't matter what level I was at, I was just thrilled to get to swim every week, even in winter! So what if it takes her a bit longer to get to the end?

Tonight is my night at home. This means that the kids get to help me make dinner - they both love cooking - I get some laundry done, I get some knitting time, and the kids get to watch a movie. It's a lazy night, and I think tonight we're all going to appreciate it immensely. I have half a dozen enormous leeks to deal with, so I think after we've made dinner, it will be time to get a pot of potato leek soup on the stove. My kitchen is going to smell awesome! Who's coming over?

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  1. I'm the same way when it comes to the snow - it makes a mess, ruins my plans, freaks everyone out, but there's still something magical about those fluffy falling flakes. I still remember very clearly one time when I was in college in upstate NY going to the front door late at night after it had snowed, and everything was just so quite and still. It did briefly relieve my stress! :)