Maine or bust!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Now is the time to panic?

FWP, I know, especially given all the mayhem that Sandy caused yesterday for friends all along the east coast. But I have a midterm tonight, and I meant to study some more today, and I managed to misplace my textbook! ARGH. I'm pretty sure it's in the back of my car though, so I'll be able to study in the time between dropping the kids off at their dad's and the exam starting.

The panorama outside my window has been pretty impressive today... Have you ever seen a time-lapse film of clouds moving across the sky over several hours or days? It's been like a constant stream of that all day. Gorgeous, but very distracting :)

I'm at a point on the Tempting sweater where I'm not comfortable moving on without supervision, if not outright assistance, so I've been working on Rob's kitchen curtain (remember the kitchen curtain? I'm still working on the kitchen curtain). I finally finished the patterned part, so now I'm just doing the garter-stitch border at the top, which has to be long enough to fold over and seam, because he wants the curtain rod to be covered (I was tempted to just thread it through eyelets, but it's his curtain, right? He's the one who's going to have to look at it every day). Which means miles of garter stitch. :) Which means finding new movies to watch to distract my brain while I knit endless miles of garter stitch!

The Fiber Festival of New England is this coming weekend and there was a brief moment when I thought, "Hey, Massachusetts isn't all that far away, I bet I could convince the girls to drive down." That was just before common sense smacked me across the face and said, "Hey stupid, you're still high off Rhinebeck fumes if you think any of you wants another road trip this soon, or that you can afford more yarn!" That common sense bitch is on my list now, let me tell you. As IF there can ever be enough yarn! I mean, the kids' bedrooms aren't even filled yet!

Yes, I admit that I have far too much yarn. I admit that I desperately need to go on a yarn diet, or else my family will no longer have space to sleep, bathe or eat. I admit it, I'm a yarn hoarder.

It's simply incentive to knit all the things! (a bit more quickly, perhaps).

Shamelessly stolen from someone who stole it from Allie at Hyperbole and a Half (linked in sidebar).

*ahem* Midterm first!

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  1. If you've got a project that doesn't need close attention, knitting goes with movies better than popcorn.

    I am somewhat of a Netflix addict (currently tearing through all 7 seasons of Supernatural for the second time), so I thrive on those easy knitting projects.