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Friday, October 19, 2012


I know I've been a terrible blogger... I haven't posted since my birthday (almost two weeks ago now). I've been in a very negative frame of mind, and I haven't wanted to pollute the blog with whining and bitching. So I've kept silent.


Sue and Sarah and Kari and I are heading to RHINEBECK this weekend!!!!! (That's the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival, for any non-knitters who actually bother reading my blog). There will be yarn, and sheeps and road trip and food and yarn, and OMG there will be so much yarn!!!! :D

I do have to be good though because my stashing down isn't going very well. I was so proud of myself for giving a garbage bag of yarn to Sue a few weeks ago. Then one day when I was at her place, she pulled out this bin. It was HER destash stuff, and she had Kari and I pick through it. Ugh. I brought home more than I'd left her with LOL Add to that a friend who was moving to Italy who destashed stuff she didn't want to move, and a lady who gave me an ENORMOUS garbage bag full of yarn for charity projects a few months ago, and I've acquired a LOT of yarn in the last few months. (We won't mention what I bought at Janie's closing sale.)

My plans are for a skein or two of sock yarn and beyond that, who knows? My entire packed baggage? My knitting bag LOL I managed to fit my clothes, camera, hair stuff, knitting, and everything else into my KNITTING BAG. (Exception being the "Rhinebeck sweater".... it's not finished, not by a long shot, nor is it being abandoned. It's coming with us, incomplete, in the hopes that I may come close to finishing it before we go home LOL) I have misplaced the hat I was knitting, so as a "backup" project, I brought the sock which is in time-out. I cast on way too many stitches (following the Yarn Harlot's "number" system, which apparently doesn't work over a certain size, and I'm over that certain size) and it'd fit both my feet if I stretched it. So I'm going to frog it and possibly start over.

And on that note, RHINEBECK!!!!!!! :D

Not mine... I borrowed it from here.

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