Maine or bust!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Watching the wheels....

Actually, this weekend has felt more like spinning my wheels than anything else. Friday afternoon after work, Sarah and I went to the gym. I made another brief attempt at the elliptical, and I just can't do it. Does this frustrate me? Oh hell yes. But anyway, I moved on to a treadmill and did my warm-up, and then we hit the machines and free weights for a solid 30 minutes. Then we went to the Royal Oak for dinner (mmmm Black & Blue Salad! and we shared a plate of Black & Tan Onion Rings) and then on to Bridgehead for our Friday Knit Night! I've never arrived for a knit night that late in the evening before! And after everything else, I really wasn't into knitting, so I did a few rows on each scarf and then just sat there staring aimlessly, wishing for a nap LOL

Saturday, I was working a 6-hour shift, so no gym. I don't consider working at the store to be "exercise", but it definitely takes a lot out of me physically, and I didn't want to overdo it. I squeaked out a bit early (they were looking to cut hours) and headed to my aunt's house. We have a bit of a tradition going that once or twice a year, my aunt, my brother and my cousin work out a menu full of dishes from a particular country, my aunt buys the groceries, and my brother (with assistance from my cousin, who could be a gourmet chef if he wanted to) make dinner for us. This time, it was China. OMG YUM. I ate like a pig, but I did stop and push myself away from the table before I was stuffed (which I'm very proud of myself for... I have little control when it comes to stopping). Then we played asshole until 1am and we all went home :)

Sunday morning, I was working an opening shift, so again, no gym. Then it was off to pick the kids up and driving across town to my mom's house for Zachary's birthday dinner! Again, not too much into the knitting because I was tired... I managed to get a few rows done on one of the scarves, but that's it. After a dinner of ribs, chili and cheesecake (two of those three are Zachary's favorite foods), we headed home to bed.

As a consequence of all this running around, I feel like I got absolutely nothing done this weekend. No dishes, no cooking, no laundry... bleh. Of course, the absence of any (waking) time at home also means I didn't make any progress on Rob's blanket, which is a problem because he'll be here in ten days. I also need to finish reading one of the books I'm working on for class, and start writing an outline of my paper. GAH. Ten days... I can do that, right? :)

In other news.... on Friday, Sarah and I hit Knit Knackers before going to the gym. They were having a 50% off discontinued yarns and odd balls sale. Um... twist my arm? Tomorrow, I may share a picture of the haul I came home with, effectively ending the yarn diet (well, temporarily... it's back on now). I have resisted a number of sales for this yarn diet, and I've been knitting exclusively from stash for a while, but folks, I got skeins of NORO for like $3. (My knitting friends are now going, "oooooh" and everybody else is thinking, "Big freaking deal.")

I'm still impatiently waiting for my avocado pits to sprout. I've got one going at home, and one at the office. I replace the water every day, and I talk to them and everything. Little buggers better sprout!

No pics today, so SQUIRREL!


  1. Wow! Sounds like an awesome weekend for you!

    Don't let that elliptical get the best of you. Keep trying! :o)

    1. Lynne: Thanks for joining my blog too. We are Ottawans, and nice to keep up with each other.

      I have bunch of avocados that is hesitant to germinate, I mean lots of them, like 20 pcs. in water. I have this crazy appetite to eat avocado for breakfast. I will add soon some pictures of my avocado seeds. Actually some already split open, so that is a good thing,right?

      Keep up the workout, don't worry about those elipticals. Time will come and it will be easy on you. BTW, I am joining my first Basic Zumba instructor class in March. After that, I will offer few clases for FREE in Ottawa, just to warm up my skills. As busy mom of 3, I do not think I can maintain classes in gyms, so I would start with just Zumba party with friends and neighbors. Expect an invitation from me once I am going to host a Zumba Party. Keep up the good work.