Maine or bust!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Take THAT!

Okay, so I'm the first to admit I've been in a funk for the last few days... chalk it up to PMS. I was weepy, feeling sorry for myself, and basically feeling down about the whole weight loss thing. Today, I dragged myself to yoga class (after walking an extra few blocks to the bank and back) and HOLY CRAP, y'all. I OWNED that yoga class. There were a few moments where I was a bit frustrated at not being able to do simple stuff most people can do (I have ... um... folds of fat that get in the way for some of the poses), but all in all, it was hard, it hurt, and I did it! Guys, I did an awesome TREE pose! (that's the one that always kicks my ass). I still can't even pretend to do the tree on my left foot, but damn if I didn't hold that right foot one until it was time to come out of it!

This is what full tree pose looks like.
I did not look up, for the record. And my foot rests with the heel just under the opposite knee, because I'm just not that flexible. But I did not fall over once, and I'm insanely proud of that. So I was finding this class a bit more difficult than usual, and I was wondering why... after everyone else left (it takes me longer to get my stuff together after class), the instructor told me that I seemed a bit to limber and chipper leaving class last week, so she stepped up the intensity a bit. Damn. That means it wasn't ME! It was the WORKOUT!!!! :D That left me feeling pretty awesome too :)

My first appointment with her (as a trainer)? It's TOMORROW. I am so excited! We did a quick look-see in the gym before I came back to the office, and I can't believe how much I'm looking forward to this. (note to self: remember your spare sneakers)

Oh, and I can knit what I want again :D I finished Kimery's cowl last night. I actually would have knit another couple of rows, but my stupid circs popped off the cable. *sigh* I don't think I'm much harder on my circs than anyone else, but this is the FOURTH set that's popped on me. I'm rethinking getting myself a set... I may just follow the Harlot into the land of straights and DPNs. I managed to rescue what I had and bind off, which left me a teeny ball of leftovers (but they were leftover from the mittens anyway, so the cowl is a full two balls and a tiny bit extra). I noticed one thing I messed up though, which was probably making it harder to knit. I DOUBLE twisted when I cast on, so I've got a mobius cowl that twists twice. Not a big deal, and it still looks great. I can't wait to give it to her!

Now I can get back to my one-row scarf and finish that one, and I can get back to putting the blankets together! (poor Rob, he's getting worried that it still won't be done when he arrives). The Diagonal Rib scarf requires a bit more concentration, so I think the one-row is going to become my go-to pattern for plain vanilla knitting. It's one row. And it's easy to tell where in the four-stitch combination you're at. I can pick it up and put it down at any point and still be okay. (oh, and speaking of the Harlot... I found out she's COMING! HERE! To Janie's!!!! I am so excited I could spit! (but I won't. I'll just sign up for all the classes she's teaching. She's here for THREE DAYS!!!!)

Shavasana :)


  1. I too am so excited to get a chance at meeting the Yarn Harlot!! But my calendar says she'll be there on a Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday... I'm sure we can figure something out!!

    Oh, and, good job on the yoga!!

  2. Wait, when is she comeing & how did you find out!


  3. You go girl!! I have never been able to try yoga because of certain physical issues I have so I'm jealous. I love my swimming and I can rock the weight machines but I have to be really careful with the weight-bearing stuff. Everyone has their days. It's not having a down day that defines you, it's what you do when you get up! And you got up and kicked @$$!

    I have popped a couple of circs but I could never go back to using straights. I use dp's a lot for small things like socks and infant hats but I very rarely use straights anymore. I am slowly investing in Addy Turbos since I have yet to ever pop one of those. The bamboo ones bite the dust the fastest which stinks cuz I actually love knitting with bamboo and wood. I use a lot of slippery yarns;o)

    So... do we get to see a pic of Kimery? I'm finishing up a Holden Shawlette and thinking about a sweater knitalong. SO many projects; so little time!

    Love your blog girl!

  4. Awesome Lynne!!! I have poor balance and suck at Yoga! I do it at home so I don't end up injuring someone beside me.

    Good luck with the trainer tonight. :o)

    My workout is skating the WHOLE canal and back tomorrow.

    WHAT? Yarn Harlot is coming??? OMG! I want her to sign my books!! I sooooo want to meet her!! I am such a big fan! So much so that I even look like her! LOL! Where is the info on her coming??