Maine or bust!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oh what tangled skeins we weave...

No, I didn't have a weird ball-winding incident, I've just always liked that line. I've been perusing my stash page on Ravelry (I have an enormous stash which I'm trying to ... um... reduce slightly), and I'm struck by the number of odd balls I have that don't go with anything else. Part of this is the fault of the Knit-Knackers "fun bin" (what I call their odd-ball bin). Miss Emily's a real enabler too ;) Part of it is my own fault, since when I was a shiny new knitter, I had no idea how much you could actually make (or not) with a single ball or skein of yarn. So I bought a lot of odd balls.

I'm beginning to wonder what to do with them all. Some have only 100 yards (like this one):

Fleece Artist Slubby Blue (BFL)
Araucania Patagonia (100% cotton)

Some have about 150 yards:

Araucania Pomaire Multy (100% cotton)
Araucania Pomaire Multy (100% cotton)
 And some of them have a little more... (this one's about 200 yards):

Araucania Ulmo (100% cotton)

Apparently, I seem to have a thing for brightly-colored, chunky yarns... maybe. I also have a lot of worsted acrylic odd balls) but those are a bit easier to sort out. The trouble is, I'm not a hat person, and some of these don't contain enough yardage anyway. I was thinking of doing the Yarn Harlot's One-Row Scarf, but that's a lot of scarves too... I'm just torn.

I'll be taking a finishing class on Saturday, which is super exciting!!! I've been putting off sewing up Rob's blanket in the hopes that I'd be able to take it, and lo and behold, my Saturday shift was cancelled, so now I can take the class :D I did promise that I'd at least finish the blanket before starting myself a pair of socks, so that's what I'll do.

Yoga today was pretty brutal, temperature-wise, but other than that, I had a great time! I'm really enjoying it, and I'm thinking of getting a YMCA membership so I can take some more of Avril's classes once this session is done. (She teaches at the Y near the Museum of Nature, and she's an awesome instructor). Zachary has been begging me to get a gym membership anyway (not sure what a family one would cost), but I've had to explain to him that they don't let you use the weight equipment until you turn 16. He was bitterly disappointed.

I've been wondering what to do for his 13th birthday (other than finally allowing him to have a facebook account), and the only thing I could think of was laser tag. Rob was immediately enthusiastic, so that's something at least (he'd be going with Zachary and maybe 2-4 of his friends, I would knit and wait patiently for them to finish.... it just doesn't sound like my cup of tea). We'll see how it pans out. Zachary is tentatively excited about the idea of it, but we'll see if that translates into an actual willingness to invite people.

I finished with the entire 11-episode run (so far) of Heavy, and I found it quite difficult to watch at times. Man, if I had a team of experts pushing me, I'd probably be a sobbing mess. But I sure as hell would do my damndest to succeed. I really wish I could afford such a thing (without losing my job, y'know?) or at least be able to afford a personal trainer at a gym. I have a few friends who are personal trainers, but I'd never be able to pay them their regular rates, and I won't take advantage of a friendship to obtain services for less than they're worth.

So now I've gotten into Hoarders, and I find it absolutely disturbing... my son watched one episode with me last night, and he said, "Gee, our house looks pretty good compared to these people."... yeah, except they have a mental illness that prevents them from getting rid of anything. We're just slobs. I've become determined to do another mass purge in the apartment, because I just can't take the insane amount of clutter anymore. Spring Cleaning comes early!


  1. I like the first one. I could buy it from you to help you reduce your stash...

  2. Love LOVE that fibre!! I'm also into bright colors. :o) I totally get the early spring cleaning feeling! I did my front hall closet on the weekend. I'll be in my room tonight getting another stash ready for inventory and my washroom is on my agenda to spring clean... it has way too many unused or expired products! Hmmm... I believe this calls for another reason to make a list of things to do.