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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Candle's burning low...

I've been dragging myself out of bed every morning, and I know that part of it has to do with the angst I've been feeling about the whole weight thing, but part of it is just yearning for daylight and warmth and green. I do still have hope though... I've got an avocado seed in water on my desk, hoping it'll germinate - my mother grows these things in her sleep, and I've never been able to get one to germinate!

I got up this morning (a bit early for me... managed to drag my sorry ass out of bed at 6:30, while I usually hit the snooze button until at least 6:45), got Zachary to empty the dishwasher, refilled it, and got a load of laundry in all before leaving for work. The kids help a lot by getting their own lunches together, although I always go through them before we leave the house (you never know what you're going to find in there). I got *no* knitting done at all last night, although I did figure out how I was going to connect the blanket squares, both for Rob's blanket and for the baby blanket.

Today was yoga, and it was rough. I think I'm still a bit sore from Tuesday's workout (last night I treadmilled for 30 minutes). Two hours later, I'm very tired. Spring is coming, but it's not here yet, and my energy levels are still in the toilet LOL (Maybe I need to go on another caffeine purge... get rid of the diet coke and just drink water). I may just nap in the car while the kids are at swimming. I don't think I can take another session at the gym today. Besides, I have a gym buddy tomorrow! :D (which means I have to go, which means 3 days this week so far, plus one day of treadmill!) Maybe if I'm feeling super ambitious, I'll hop on the treadmill before bed.

So tonight, I think I'm going to concentrate on getting my space in order (somewhat), enjoying my kids, enjoying a nice cup of tea, and maybe flipping my mattress. Because there's always this:

And spring is coming. I promise.

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  1. Have a good evening!

    I'm dedicating tonight to a cleaning party. With the four flights of stairs in my house, it will be a workout.