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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday in the Park

Well okay, there was no park involved. There was, however, some fantastic time spent at Knit Knackers Yarn Warehouse on Bank Street this afternoon at a free sweater demystifying workshop taught by a fantastic knitter I met through Ravelry. If you ever want to take some knitting classes, Lillian Trudeau teaches all the classes and workshops at Knit Knackers (except spinning - Juliana teaches that), and she's very good at it :) I can't wait to take some of her more involved classes! I've made a lot of progress on my DROPS Designs tank top in the last week, and I can't wait to finish it! I'm hoping to wear it to Thanksgiving dinner, but failing that, I'll wear it to American Thanksgiving!

Photo mine, steal not please :)
I accomplished my 100 stairs once today (might do it again before bed) and I did my 50 crunches. Not sure the ab-rocker helped any - it's actually quite difficult to use! I might try just doing crunches normally. My tailbone HURTS lol I'm also going to turn into a total girl for a second here and say it's definitely time to cut my nails as I bent one backwards while doing the crunches - don't ask me how. I'm gifted.

So after knitting, I came home and watched De-Lovely (2004), which is one of my favorite films. It's a biopic of Cole Porter's life with his wife, Linda. Kevin Kline and Ashley Judd are absolutely brilliant in it, and I love the music - even Alanis Morissette's performance of "Let's Fall in Love". (it was quite good, really!) I cry every time though, several times throughout. These were extraordinary people. I highly recommend it, and although it might be a bit chick-flicky (it *is* a love story, after all), it's definitely worth a watch even if you're not a chick :P

Tomorrow morning, I'm getting up at an ungodly hour to go walking with some of my knitting friends at the Merivale location of the Running Room. I'm a bit apprehensive - in my experience, Running Room people take their walking/running groups seriously, but Sandy and Sarah promise they won't leave me in the dust. Starting the first week of October, I'll also be attending YOGA classes with several of my coworkers. We got an excellent deal at Jack Purcell, and a bunch of us will be schlepping our non-yoga-doing butts down there every Wednesday lunch hour for eight weeks! This could be interesting (and comical for the others). They did promise not to laugh *at* me ;) Again, apprehensive, but cautiously optimistic.

It's been a beautiful Indian summer day, and I'm more in the mood for fall than ever. My mom told me today that she's buying me a small chest freezer as a combination birthday and Christmas gift. You can not imagine how thrilled I am about this :) I've wanted one for years, but could never quite manage it financially. It means I'll have to get rid of my kitchen table (which is the kitchen table my parents bought when they got married) but I'm okay with that, since we never eat at it anyway and it's just a place for stuff to accumulate. So while my friend Chris is sunning himself at DisneyWorld and taking pictures of his son and beautiful pregnant wife on the beach, I'll just hope fall lasts a really long time and keep enjoying the leaves turning and all the beautiful things around me. Enjoy your weekend!

Also mine - leave it be please :)

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