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Monday, September 19, 2011

Oh Mr. Monday...

Had an okay day at work today... lots of running around, but all in all, I accomplished a lot :) Climbed the stairs TWICE. I was going to make it a third time (I ran downstairs a lot today), but I figured I'd better not push it too fast. Progress at home included 100 steps on the stair machine thingie and 50 crunches without the ab-rocker. I think that thing is going to find its way back down to the garbage pile where I found it. I also did my mile, although I didn't time it.

Lynx says hello.
So I've kept to the plan :) Last night Rob was a bit disappointed that I hadn't done my crunches, so I ended up doing 40 of them IN BED. BOOYAH. Doing crunches in bed may not be the best form, but it's a hell of a lot easier on the tailbone! My butt does not like me lying flat on my back. Yoga class promises to be interesting for this reason LOL (since I can't kneel either).

Dinner was a lovely frozen lasagna (which I cooked in the microwave, so even less effort than usual). The ten-year-old was sick this morning, so she spent the day with Daddy. So I don't have to make her lunch tomorrow (since she has two lunches sitting around in the fridge - unexpected PD day last Friday, and today's lunch - the kids can fight over who gets which).

And apparently my friend Stephan and his wife are expecting their third little boy (oh come on, you've had two already, my chances are good!), and Chris and Shumin are expecting their second little Rakos, so HUGE congrats to them :) I swear, EVERYBODY AROUND ME IS BREEDING... and Rob wonders why my biological clock has suddenly started going haywire. Logically and intellectually, I know that I don't want another baby. I know I don't want to raise another child (got my hands full already, thanks!). But the raw emotional reaction? I loved being pregnant. I loved feeling the baby move inside me and I loved holding that little body that trusted me implicitly. I loved nursing, I loved sitting in the living room at 3am with the balcony door open, listening to the city's night noises. I loved all of that, and I wish I could experience it again.

Once everybody stops popping out kids (or maybe once I get to babysit for a few of my pregnant friends, hiiiiiiiiint to Kit & Phae!), my hormones will probably calm down some ;) In the meantime, I'm very thankful to be lucky enough to have a fantastic guy who puts up with my irrational behavior and wicked mood swings. (He's off playing with power tools tonight with some guy friends to compensate LOL) Wait... Rob, does a welder count as a power tool? Meh. I'm a girly girl when it comes to tools. I know what some of them do, but I'm pretty useless with most of them LOL

Oh, and it's September 19th, making today....


So how was THAT for rambling nonsense? As you were...

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  1. I would say that a welder could be considered a power tool. Actually I am learning to weld so that I can build a bullet proof cage to survive until your baby fixation is over. *ducks*