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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Long Walk...

I got up at an ungodly hour this morning to go walking with some of my knitting friends. Picked up Sarah shortly after 8am (hey, that's ungodly when you've worked until 3am!) and headed over to the Running Room on Merivale Road. Our friend Sandy joined us and a few other dedicated souls (who were in much better shape than me, but that's ok) and off we went. 2.72 miles (or 4.34 km) later, I was wiped, sore and wanting to go back to bed. I did get catcalled from a passing van, but I think there may have been some drugs or hangover involved there...

I will confess, I have not done my 50 crunches. I had fully intended to do it when I got home, but my stomach is still full enough that it will cause some upset, so I'm skipping them. I did do my 100 steps on the stair machine though! I got baby time, I got a tiny bit of knitting time (was interrupted by baby time) and I picked up some beautiful Macintosh apples at the Orleans Fruit Farm. My cousin says his father-in-law would pay handsomely for some more of my apple butter, so I'm going to make a full batch just for him (I'll make more for us later in the fall). I figure the apples cost me $10 and a box of jars will cost me $10, so $20 is a fair price for a batch of apple butter. Not really in it to make a profit, but if the ingredients and equipment are paid for, that's fair :).

All in all, it's been an active day, and I'm tired and happy. Mom also sent me home with leftover corn on the cob (beautiful stuff from a farm in Richmond, ON - you can buy it from a truck on St. Joseph in Orleans, just across from Place d'Orleans - best corn I've ever had) and some leftover t-bone steaks (yum!). So the kids and I are having corn and steak for our lunches tomorrow ;) Spoiled? mmmmm yeah, just a bit ;)

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