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Monday, March 4, 2013

Tired and sore today.

Fitness - Still no word on the treadmill parts. I did finally manage to get a hold of the "service" person at the store, and the best explanation he could give me was that the company they ordered the parts through was in Europe and they were having trouble reaching them. Funny, because in about 5 minutes online, I was able to find contact emails and phone numbers for every single distributor in Europe. I swear, if I ever buy a piece of fitness equipment again, I will NEVER deal with Club Piscine again. I have, on the other hand, been doing my crunches and curls religiously (except for one day where I did stairs instead of crunches because my stomach was feeling wonky). I skipped them for the first time last night, because I was very sore after an afternoon/evening of hauling a very active 5 month old and even more active 2 1/2 year old brother around! Gauging by how I feel this morning, I had quite a respectable workout yesterday! I may go for a walk at lunch to make up for the curls/crunches though.

Knitting - A few more hexipuffs have come to life, and some progress has been made on Skye's sweater. I've reached that point on the Baby Surprise Jacket where you have to knit the tab that goes down the back, but the line of instructions on the old photocopy I keep in my knitting bag has been obscured by water damage and friction, so I need to print myself another copy. (I scanned the printed copy I bought so I wouldn't have to worry about damaging it). I'm feeling kind of bored with my knitting lately, but I think that maybe that's just because I can't envision the finished products. I have so much other stuff in my stash that I want to make things out of. I'll be taking a bit of a break on the rest of it this week while I start a test-knitting pattern I'm doing for a friend on Ravelry :) I know I promised knitting pictures, but things kind of blew up for me last week, so maybe I'll get some taken this week.

No, mine don't look like this.

Food - Not much to report. I've hardly been home this past week, so time to cook has been relatively rare. Today for lunch, however, I'm enjoying some cheese tortellini with spinach tomato sauce, and some steamed waxed beans (OMG YUM!) for lunch. Not sure where the beans are from, probably somewhere in South America, but they looked so fresh and plump, I had to grab them!

School - Well, this is "reading week", so there's no class at uni. Hopefully this will give me a kick in the pants to start getting my project finished. In Judaism class, we're having a couple of sessions on ethics and law within the Torah, and it's fascinating! I love it when the Rabbi leads the discussions. He's such a smart person, and his viewpoint tends to be very balanced.

Everything else - I spent part of Saturday evening helping Kari pack, and it's put me in mind of downsizing my own apartment somewhat. I've also decided to look at the whole weight-loss effort as part of a downsizing operation. I just don't have the resources to continue maintaining this current ... mainframe :D There, that's a nice non-guilt-inducing way of looking at it. I spent a good part of yesterday wrangling my niece and nephew at my parents' house. Great fun, but boy am I sore today :) I'm just glad that my own are past that age, because I wouldn't be able to keep up with them. I miss my kids today, and I hope they're having a blast at DisneyWorld!

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