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Monday, March 11, 2013

A crazy week!

And it's only Monday!!! Thank you to everyone who commented on the last blog (even if one of you shares a bed with me LOL). I'm actually surprised how many people I don't know read this blog!

Fitness - Frustration. We're just not talking about the treadmill anymore. The treadmill no longer exists. And I may have to get a lawyer. *ahem* I've been wearing my sneakers the last couple of days in the interests of taking a walk when the opportunity arises. Unfortunately, I've been too damn busy with work for the opportunity to arise. I need to get moving. I CRAVE movement. I've been dying to go back to yoga, but I'm too timid to join a class on my own (and I think Jeff might kill me if I take another evening class, so I'll have to either find someone who wants to join a morning class with me, or a weekend one). If any of my Ottawa friends want to join a class with me, let me know! I would LOVE to go! I may actually try to get my daughter involved. She'd love it :)

This is pretty much what I think I look like when I do yoga LOL
Knitting - I'm test-knitting a super-secret pattern for a friend right now, so not much else is getting worked on. I did make a hexipuff out of some sock yarn one of the girls at Knit night gave me (thanks, Chantal!), but that's about it, other than the "if I tell you about it, I have to kill you" project ;)

Food - I watched "Dive" again this week. If you haven't seen this documentary yet, find it and watch it. I've thawed a chicken to roast for the kids this week, and I'm feeling the urge to make spaghetti sauce, so I may buy the fixings for that this week. I tend to eat it with baked potatoes, or squash, or rice or quinoa. I rarely eat pasta (I find it too heavy) but I love the sauce I make. It's very chunky and there are so many yummy things in it!

School - Oh lord... it's been weeks since I've been to my uni class, and I've barely had time to work on the project. Judaism class is going awesome. I'm almost done writing my first book report - if you can find a copy of "Sunflowers" by Simon Wiesenthal, I highly recommend it. We had a Hebrew test tonight, and I aced ;)

Everything else - It's just been an insane couple of weeks at work. I worked most of the weekend, and I've been leaving work late every night just to get this massive project done (it was my fault it wasn't done earlier anyway). Now it's done, so I can concentrate on the audit we're having on Monday *shudder* I need to organize things a bit better at work, and at home, so I can have leisure time where I don't feel guilty, I don't look around in disgust at the mess around me, and I have time to do fun things with the kids. I've been checking out Hidden Harvest, and they have a lot of stuff I'd like to go to (nature hikes and such) but I never have time. I think we need to do a major purge of the entire house (including - gasp! - yarn...). And then we might find it a bit easier to live in such a small space and find things and respect each others' space. I think maybe the spring cleaning bug has hit me! (let's hope?)

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