Maine or bust!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Oh the humanity!

Bleh. Monday morning, and I didn't take the stairs first thing this morning - but I did take them (both down AND up) at lunch time! I am now gasping like a fish out of water, and my heart is racing (oh, and I'm sweating like a PIG), but I did it. So that's 1 of 3 :)

I forgot to boil the eggs last night (got home late and pretty much went straight to bed), but I will do it tonight.

It is hot.... actually, it isn't hot. It's HUMID. I think we're at something like 85% humidity. A lady once apologized to Rob while he was visiting Texas or Arizona because the humidity was at 8%. 8%!!!! I don't think it goes down that low even mid-winter here! (granted, then it all freezes and falls to the ground anyway). I don't do well in humidity. Add to that the fact that I wore my hair down today, and I feel like I'm drowning in my own sweat. Desperately seeking scrunchie?

I did not manage to tackle all the laundry this weekend, but I'm nearly finished. I think I have two loads of shirts left, and one load for my bras. EVERYTHING ELSE is done! I filled an entire garbage bag with Skye's clothes for goodwill. For some reason, she still had some size five and six stuff... I'm pretty good about tossing her stuff regularly, but I guess she had this stuff hidden. I also brought some slightly-too-long pants of hers over to my mom's to have them hemmed.... I know how to hem stuff, my mom taught me how years ago. Have I done it once since she showed me? No... of course not! *blush*

Today's goal? Survive the heat! Oh, and to put a hair elastic in my purse so that I'll always have one with me if I need it!

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