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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It'll be just like starting over :)

This song made me happy today, so I'm sharing!

In other news, I've been reminded a few times that I haven't been posting about weight loss efforts, etc. Well, there's a reason for that. I've been in a bit of a funk where I've been eating everything I could get my hands on. Yeah, I've been going to the gym and exercising, but it's a two-prong system (hah - got that from my boss) and I need to be more careful about what I'm eating. I know that academically, but when I'm feeling like crap about myself, it just seems easier to shove whatever I feel like into my face rather than make smart choices.

So today marked day one of starting over. I was at 283 when I woke up (which means I didn't gain anything while I was visiting Rob and actually managed to lose a few pounds). Did some groceries and have a plan :) It's staying in my head though, because whenever I share a plan with anyone, I end up moving heaven and earth to sabotage it, whether I want to or not. So I'm keeping mum!

Starting from here! Seems quite fitting somehow that I'm sitting at the dinner table surrounded by food...
Plants.... well, the last of the cilantro managed to die while I was gone (not Jeff's fault... I had mostly killed it all before I gave it to him). My lone tomato is stubbornly clinging to life as is the parsley. The chives and basil are still going crazy though! I may buy a tomato plant or two when the garden centre starts carrying them, and I can always start again with the cilantro and parsley. I still have seeds for those.

On the knitting front, I have done VERY little *sigh* I knit a row or two on the kitchen curtain while I was at the airport, but did no knitting at all this weekend. But class ends next Monday (I think, more on that in a minute) so I'll have a bit of knitting time before the next one starts up on May 1st. As for school.... the strike is ongoing. I've missed three classes now. Next Monday is supposed to be the final exam, but we've missed nine hours of class time and a lot of material that still has to be covered.

Anyway, that's where things stand right now. Pics tomorrow!

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