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Monday, April 23, 2012

and apparently I'm gullible....

I read an article online. I got all mouth-frothy over Ann Romney's stupidity and how she was single-handedly putting the women's rights movement back about sixty or seventy years (I wasn't aware we still needed a women's rights movement, but apparently we do. Arizona and Wisconsin, I'm looking at you.)

I posted this epic blog post about Romney's stupidity and basically begged my American friends to vote for the other guy (I still think y'all should vote for the other guy, because Mitt is a scary, scary person).

The speech that Mrs. Romney supposedly gave to a Moms for Mitt gathering on April 17th in Philadelphia, PA? Never happened. The site the article appeared on was a political SATIRE site, and there is no proof anywhere else in the innernetz that there is any credence to the quote attributed to Mrs. Romney.

I haz egg on mah face. Please excuse me while I go wash it off.

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