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Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday, Monday....

You know, if it wasn't for the fact that I need my weekends to get things done, I'd much rather not have them. I feel so discombobulated when I get back to the routine on Mondays. Or no... I have a way better idea. I'd love to win the lottery so that EVERY DAY is weekend! That works :) 

After the lovely weekend I had, insomnia kicked my ass last night and I slept maybe 2-3 solid hours. I wanted to get up to knit, but I figured I'd get wrapped up in it and not want to stop. So I picked up a book. Normally, reading will put me to sleep in about five minutes flat. Not last night. A hundred pages later, I wandered out into the livingroom hoping that someone would be around online. Nada. I did eventually get to sleep, but it was fitful and restless and now I feel like my bed has a tractor beam on me and I'm only just managing to resist it by dint of will and I'm wondering why I'm bothering.

Except that I have class tonight, and I'm so excited that I'll be getting my textbooks and my first Hebrew lesson. I'm about four weeks behind everyone else, but I tend to find languages a bit easier than most, so I should be okay. I printed out the alef-bet and taped it to my office wall (where the fat ass sign used to reside). I've been sort of looking at the chart, and then comparing it to the prayers they gave us on Friday during the prayer chanting workshop to sort of learn to sound out words. It doesn't help me figure out what they mean yet, but that'll come in time. 

On the knitting front, I finished the scratchy ass orange socks of doom, and wore them on Sunday. A bit scratchy by the end of the day (because they're WARM!), but other than that, quite comfortable :) I worked a bit on the Falling Leaves socks, but I won't make too much progress on those until I go to Knit Night after class on Tuesday. I used to have to skip it entirely, because the coffee shop closed at 10 (which is when my class ends), but now they close at 11, so I can pop in for a short stint before heading home. I also cast on Laura's Ribbed Mitts (they're my mitts, but that's what the pattern is called) with the Estelle Cadenza that I had left after I finished Rob's curtain. It's so cold in my office first thing in the morning that my hands go numb. So, mitts.

I think I'm going to have to impose a yarn diet on myself. It's not that I think I should feel bad or guilty about the amount of yarn I have, but I do think that having enough yarn to open my own store may be a bit greedy and I don't need to acquire ALL THE YARNS. I do tend to get rather acquisitory when I start a hobby, but since I'm still going strong with knitting six or seven years after I started - which is practically unheard of - this desire to acquire has never abated. I just need to start knitting from stash, because I feel as though I'm just hoarding it all, and it'll never be seen by anyone. And I like making beautiful things to wear, admire and sometimes give away. Exceptions will be only festivals that I attend. If I save up, I can buy stuff at the festival. But I really have more yarn than I can probably use in a lifetime. I'd like to contain my habit the two dressers in my bedroom, if possible, and maybe the under-bed storage bag. (Right now, it's about three times that LOL) I want to be a bit more organized, and part of that is living within my means, both financially and space-wise. 

The leeks are still sitting on my counter, making me feel guilty. Oh, and one of the pumpkins I had waiting for roasting imploded on me, so I guess I'd better do something with the others this week. Normally, they store for months, but this one, I dunno... Gross. The stem end literally just caved in. Oh, and the heat got turned, so yay! 

I'm beyond shocked at this, but someone has nominated me for a blog award! THIS ONE, to be precise:

I was nominated by the Center Pull Photography Blog, and apparently this "award" is basically a round robin-type meme where you have to answer questions and then tag other bloggers to ask them questions... well, I'll answer the question, but I am so pathologically against asking others to do things like this that I can't imagine tagging anyone else (Seriously, Google "Liebster Blog Award" and you will get tens of thousands of hits, but nobody knows where this originated or who started it, just like a good old fashioned chain letter). 

The questions posed of me:

1. What are you most passionate about?
I am passionate about cooking, about reading, about singing, about music, film, and nature. I am passionate about protecting those I love, and about nurturing the youngest among us. 
2. Why do you blog?
Erm... good question, considering that only a handful of people read it. It'll never make me any money, nor will it ever make me famous, so why do it? Because I like to write, I like to share my little slice of the world with others, and because I like to read other people's little slices of life.
3. What is your favorite meal?
Oh lord... I could never hope to choose. I like food way too much to hurt any of its feelings by picking one type over another.
4. What book or books do you think everyone should read?
The Wealthy Barber by David Chilton and The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman (Yes, both self-help books, but they are books that truly do help you understand yourself, what's important to you, and those around you).
5. If money were no object, how would you occupy the rest of your life?
I'd spend it exploring all the places and things that make the world such a fascinating place. Of course, that would include Rob, his son and my children.
6. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?
That's between me and God. 
7. What is one thing you’ve never been able to/had time to/had funds to do that you still want to do?
Lord.... I don't think there's enough space on the internet to list all of that.
8. What is your favorite television show and why?
I don't really have one. I don't watch TV.
9. What is your least enjoyable chore?
Folding and putting away laundry. That's tied with scrubbing the toilet.
10. What one thing about you is cool?
Usually my butt. Fat is a great insulator, but that usually means that the surface skin is cold :P 
11. Do you have pets?
I have two cats (ugh) and two kids - one teen and one pre-teen. I also have a housebroken boyfriend.

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