Maine or bust!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

General Update...

I did end up going to the gym last night, and it was pretty great :) I did 15 minutes on the upright bike (Rob calls them upwrongs, and I roll my eyes every time he does it) with only a little muscle pain, then I moved on to the weights. I was about 40 minutes in when my head exploded (return of the errant migraine), so I ended up leaving. Had some lovely sushi for dinner (yay, sushi!) and then went to class. We've moved on from the civilizations that influenced the creation of the French language to the history of French literature, and I'm having a great time :)

Didn't get any knitting done yesterday AT ALL, which is kind of frustrating, but today, I knitted the two sleeves onto my baby cardigan (and I now have a recipient in mind), and I'm in the home stretch (i.e. raglan decreases). Whoever designs a raglan sweater to be knit bottom-up needs their head examined *sigh* But it is adorable. I will show pics once it is finished :)

The plan for this evening is to work on Rob's kitchen curtain (not MY kitchen curtain) and to get some laundry done. This will all be after I do groceries, since there's nothing left in the house for the kids to take for lunch. I think it's time I transplant the sprouts... Most of them are doing alright, but the tomatoes are going gangbusters and they're getting so tall they're starting to lean over and grow horizontally ;) I'll have to pick up some little pots and some soil and stake them up. Or am I doing something wrong and it's not normal for them to tip over when they become top-heavy with leaves? The basil is going nuts, but is still small, and hasn't produced any true leaves yet. The cilantro, on the other hand, is full of true leaves and needs more space :)

I had a brilliant idea at around 12:30 last night (did I mention that I slept like crap again?). I have a bit of leftover wood (1/4 inch something or other) from the bookshelf project, and I think I'm going to use my drill to screw it into the wood of the window sill to support the plants so they'll all fit on the sill. It's a brilliant plan. Really.

I had to convince myself this weekend NOT to start a pair of socks. I had told myself that learning to knit proper socks would be my reward for finishing Rob's blanket, but I'd like to get the babt cardi and the curtain panel before I start anything else. (gasp, I know...) I'm kind of bummed that I'll be losing my knit night this week (I have a Friday night shift at the store... I'm also missing the ceilidh being thrown by one of my coworkers, and I really wanted to go to that). I can't change my availablility again though... I've already knocked off Sunday afternoons...

Rob actually drove to Missouri on Sunday to have brunch at the Ayerston Cafe (can't find any reference to it online, so I may have the name wrong) on Route 66. That's about a 6 hour drive. Each way. For brunch. He once drove me to Mineral Springs, WI (3 hours each way) to get a pasty for lunch. I voice no opinion... I'll leave that to you guys.

Oh, by the way.... 23 days until I'm in Chicago :D


  1. until you can get something better, why don't you stake your tomatoes with one of your old knitting needles?

    1. I have at least two boxes of drinking straws. I'd do that before I'd ever soil a knitting needle (I'm joking... needles are too long and would topple over. Straws can be cut to size).


      416N. Old Route 66 Litchfield, IL

      Yummy. I highly recommed the Sunday Brunch :)

    3. In my defense, he told me he was going to Missouri for brunch, not ILLINOIS.... and it's not my fault he pronounces it Ayerston if it's spelled Ariston. Silly man.