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Thursday, January 26, 2012

In which my ass is kicked by triangle pose...

The only knitting I got done last night, since the blue pretty is still in time out, was on the baby surprise jacket / baby blanket project (which I need to finish because everyone is breeding and I'm surrounded by new babies!). I cast on a dishcloth "square" for the blanket and finished it while watching Batman Begins. I hadn't watched it in years. Seriously good flick :) (and that's from someone who generally hates Christian Bale... don't ask me why, I think it has to do with American Psycho). I ... um... I forgot to take a picture, so.... SQUIRREL!

Thursdays are for yoga (I am unapologetically stealing the Yarn Harlot's "Tuesdays are for spinning" format). I trudged down to the community centre at lunch and put down three yoga mats - knees were in rough shape today. Our instructor Avril is particularly awesome and I love her :) I noticed when I got up this morning that my vision was a bit fuzzier than usual, but I attributed it to the almost headache I had for most of yesterday. It turns out my balance was also quite off. We finished the sun salutations and moved into the Warrior poses (transitioning from warrior I to warrior II, warrior III and then Triangle pose). Triangle looks like this:

It doesn't look hard, but when you've been in a lunge position for 15 minutes already and suddenly you have to keep your arm up in the air like that.... well, I just about fell over. My legs were vibrating, my arm was burning, and I was shaking all over the place. Apparently my balance is also off today. Anyway, I finished yoga, walked back to work and stopped at one of my favorite book stores along the way. I am so excited! Not only did I score the latest Jean Auel novel, I managed to find THIS.

It looks like an awesome read, and has so many different types of things in it... things like dry-stone walling, coppicing, beekeeping, sheep-shearing, hunting and fishing, plucking a fowl, brewing beer and cider-making, smoking, , making rag rugs, candle- and soap-making, stonemasonry, thatching, weelwrighting, tatting, carving, glass-blowing and sooooooo so many more (I picked and chose a few from the table of contents). There are no useless pages in this book, the information goes right up until the very last page (no blanks or publishing information at the end) and it's pretty small print. I am thrilled to have found it :)

Tonight after the kids go swimming, I'm going to keep working on the kitchen, and maybe some laundry. Both feet have been firmly planted on the Beach all day, and I aim to continue that. Dinner will likely be mixed seafood stir-fry with grilled eggplant and zucchini (since I have an eggplant and a zucchini in my fridge that need cooking). I see you making faces, Rob, and you don't have to eat it, so no complaints from you.

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